New Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Introduced

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The Amazon Echo may have had a botched launch last year, but it has improved greatly since its original inception. Not only has Amazon added new functionality to its line of devices, but there have also been a plethora of new apps added since launch. Now, the mega online retailer has unveiled their latest iteration in the Echo line, the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation.

If you’ve been following Mr. Robot, you’ve probably seen the Echo Dot’s older brother, the Echo, and thought, “Wow, I didn’t know it was actually that cool”. Well, it is that cool. Now, the smaller version of that device has a new makeover, and it will now come in at $49.99, nearly half of the price of the original Echo Dot.

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The Echo Dot is entirely hands-free and voice-controlled, using Alexa, its A.I. system, to play music, control your smart home devices like WeMo or Philips Hue, read the news, set alarms, and more. Order pizza with your voice using integrated apps, play music with Spotify or Pandora, remind yourself in an hour to feed the dog, and more.

The Echo Dot is capable of hearing you from across the room, thanks to its 7 far-field microphones. Even when you’re jamming out to Metallica or the Imperial March, it’s able to detect your voice through the noise. It’s available in machine white or black, each of which has the now iconic blue LED glow on the top when the device is talking and listening.

This 2nd generation edition is slightly smaller and sleeker than its predecessor, and Amazon also says that it has an upgraded speech processor that will improve speech recognition accuracy.

The 2nd generation Echo Dot will launch on October 20th. You can pre-order the Echo Dot here.

Price: $49.99

Pre-order the Echo Dot 2nd Generation here.

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