Whoosh! Screen Shine

Oh, screen so clean!

Look at that phone you’re using Whoosh sprayright now — the screen is filthy! Your grubby, greasy, oily hands leave fingerprints all over your phone’s screen.

Now, there’s a screen cleaner that’s specifically designed to clean all of your smartphone and tablet screens that will also leave a nano-thin, invisible coating on your device to make it resistant to fingerprints.

Introducing WHOOSH! Screen Shine, a uniquely formulated non-toxic cleaner that will have your devices shining like brand new in no-time.

WHOOSH! is sold in small bottles and a pocket sprayer (and they just announced WHOOSH! Wipes this morning) that makes it perfect for carrying around with you everywhere. It’s also odorless, as it’s entirely ammonia and alcohol-free. Most importantly, it’s safe for use with your electronics — unlike the water you’ve probably been using to wipe your devices with. You can buy a small 0.3-oz bottle for under $7, or a 3.7-oz bottle for $16. It’s widely available, and the new WHOOSH Wipes will be rolling out to national retailers soon.

Price: $16 (3.7-oz), $6.75 (0.3-oz)

Buy WHOOSH! here.

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