Star Wars Christmas BB-8 Lawn Ornament

If it were up to me, my lawn would be filled with ridiculous and gaudy Christmas decorations every year — candy canes, Santa Clauses, lawn elves, you name it! But luckily for my neighbors, my wife has barred such things from actually happening (she has a bit more class than I). But even she probably isn’t able to deny me this awesome Star Wars BB-8 Lighted Lawn Ornament (I’ll let you know what she says when it arrives later this week).bb8 lawn ornament

Celebrate your love for Star Wars this holiday season by proudly displaying this light-up BB-8 droid on your lawn. It looks like everyone’s favorite new droid, but with a festive twist, thanks to the Christmas hat. It has a collapsible design so that it’s easy to set up and take down, and it already comes with 50 bulbs and an LED adapter so that you don’t have to do any “stringing up the lights”. It’s also great for indoor decoration, and it would look great standing in your living room. So if you love Star Wars-themed Christmas things, check out the new BB-8 Lighted Lawn Ornament over at ThinkGeek.

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Price: $79.99

Buy the Star Wars BB-8 Lawn Ornament here.

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