Star Wars Christmas Tree Topper (Yoda)

star wars christmas

Normally, we’d refrain from posting two holiday-themed “Cool Stuff’ posts in one day, but we came across this Yoda Christmas Tree Topper and we simply couldn’t help ourselves.

There are so many Star Wars Christmas ornaments and decorations out there, and searching for them is somewhat of a rabbit hole. We’re not going to pretend like we don’t frequently fall down the rabbit hole when looking for cool nerd stuff to share with our readers, browsing hundreds of items before settling on the perfect one to share. So when we easily came upon this little Yoda tree topper with a cool LED light saber that actually glows, and did so relatively quickly, we were pretty excited — no rabbit hole necessary.

He stands at a foot’s length, and the saber lights up, shining brightly atop your Christmas tree to spread joy throughout your home. Spread Christmas cheer, you must.

Buy it here.

For more nerd stuff to buy, stay tuned to Nerd Much for daily finds. If you’re really feelin’ the holiday spirit, check out our compendium of the Christmas movies on TV this year.

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