Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Drone Battle Set


Now, we’re really starting to see what drones can do. We’ve seen racing drones and camera drones skyrocket in popularity, and the only logical next step is battle drones that allow you to have an air fight with your buds.Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing vs Tie Fighter Battle DRones

Air Hogs has created the next hot toy of the year, especially for those who love all things Star Wars. One of their newest toy sets this year is the Star Wars X-wing vs. TIE Fighter Drone Battle Set that allows two pilots to fight each other using infrared lasers. The object is to fly around and hit your opponent with the invisible (and safe) laser, with the first pilot to land three successful shots being named the winner. Both the X-wing and the TIE Fighter have responsive lights and sounds, and both are easy to fly. Although you’ll need 12 AA batteries to get these battle drones into the air, the exciting and competitive nature of the set puts them above other toy drones on the market. I’ll note that they’re built to fall and hit the ground, so regardless of how many times you might run into your opponent, sending you both crashing into the abyss below, you’ll find it a challenge to actually break the actual drones. In fact, we’ve been battling all week with them in the office, and both are still going strong.

As far as the look of the individual drones, each is surprisingly detailed, serving as great replicas to add to your Star Wars collection. So if you’ve wanted to partake in dog fights in space since seeing The Empire Strikes Back, now you can do just that.

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Price: $189.95

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