30 Best Nerdy Christmas Ornaments: The Ultimate List (2019)

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Looking for some great nerdy Christmas ornaments for 2018? Look no further!

The holiday season is finally upon us, and looking back at the year behind us, it’s safe to say that we’ve had a great year — at least, on the nerd side of things. God of War, Spider-Man for the PS4and a new Call of Duty that’s actually worth playing are just a few of the year’s highlights.

But every year, around this time of year, we start thinking about all of the nerdy decorations and gifts that we’re going to buy. From nerdy Christmas sweaters to BB-8 Lawn Ornaments, there’s no shortage of fun Christmas-themed items based on our favorite video game, movie, and TV franchises. In fact, you’ll find a great Christmas tree ornament based on most of your favorite properties, including Star WarsHarry Potter, Pokemon, and more.

We were really hoping to find some incredible Overwatch Christmas ornaments, but for now, we’re not finding any that are worth posting (so, you know, c’mon Etsy-ers, step your game up!!). Still, there are plenty of nerdy Christmas ornaments to geek out about this holiday season.

Here are the top 30 best nerdy Christmas ornaments available this year:

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1. Star Wars Bundle of 24 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Price: $74.99 (Reg. Price: $127.96)

Buy the Star Wars Ornaments Bundle here.

2. Star Trek: Picard and Data

star trek ornaments

Engage! Join the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D and take charge in the the captain’s chair with this collectible Hallmark ornament. Jean-Luc Picard sits confidently while Lieutenant Commander Data stands by him, ready for action. Featuring many phrases and dialogue from the television show, this collectible is a good choice for any New Generation Trekkie out there. It’s great to see ornaments that have dialogue to add to the fun, nerdy times this holiday season, and this is no exception.

Price: $28.89

Buy the Picard and Data Ornament here.

3. Doctor Who Bad Wolf TARDIS Ornament

doctor who bad wolf tardis

Price: $12.99 at Entertainment Earth, $19.95 at Amazon (Prime Eligible)

Buy the Doctor Who Bad Wolf Tardis Ornament here.

4. Hallmark Keepsake Deadpool Christmas Ornament

deadpool christmas ornament

The Merc With a Mouth can now hang from your tree, breaking the fourth wall time and time again this Christmas. Grabbing his sword, Deadpool is ready for action with his signature look, suit, and expression. This collectible also shows his sense of humor, complete with a thumbs up! For fans of the Marvel comics or movie, this Deadpool ornament is a great depiction of his overall character. As Deadpool said, “with great power comes great merchandising opportunities”.

Price: $18.95

Buy the Deadpool Christmas Ornament here.

5. Game of Thrones Helmets Ornament Set

nerdy christmas ornaments

Price: $30.38

Buy the Game of Thrones Helmet Ornament Set here.

6. New Stormtrooper Ornament (Motion-Activated)

new hallmark ornaments

Star Wars ornaments are very popular around the holidays, and this new 2017 Stormtropper adds to the holiday fun and festivities. Complete with a santa hat, this trooper is ready to guard the presents under the tree with key phrases from the movies . If anyone gets close, it will detect them with a motion sensor and warn them to back away, making it a unique piece to add to your tree. This is a great novelty item for any fan of the sci-fi movies and series.

Price: $19.51

Buy the New Stormtrooper Ornament here.

7. Hallmark Keepsake BB-8 Ornament

bb8 ornament

Price: $20.95

Buy the Hallmark BB-8 Ornament here.

8. Hallmark Star Wars The Force Awakens t-70 X-Wing Fighter Ornament

star wars christmas ornaments

Price: $32.95

Buy the T-70 X-Wing Fighter Ornament here.

9. Hallmark Batman and Bat-Signal Blown Glass Ornaments

Batman Ornaments

Price: $17.99

Buy the Hallmark Batman and Bat-Signal Ornaments here.

10. Hallmark Marvel Holiday Ornaments

Marvel Christmas Ornaments

Price: Starting at $13.00

Buy the Hallmark Marvel Holiday Ornaments here.

11. Harry Potter Olivander’s Wand Shop Ornament

Harry potter ornaments

Also featured on our list of the 21 Magical Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Harry Potter Olivander’s Wand Shop Christmas Ornament here.

12. Game of Thrones White Walker Ornament

game of thrones ornament

Price: $15.17

Buy the White Walker Ornament here.

13. C3P0 Star Wars Ornament

star wars christmas ornaments

Price: $9.95

Buy the C3P0 Star Wars Ornament here.

14. Batman v Superman Batmobile Ornament

batman ornaments

Price: $17.90

Buy the Batman v Superman Batmobile Ornament here.

15. Batman Forever Batmobile Ornament

Batman ornaments

Price: $16.99

Buy the Batman Forever Batmobile Ornament here.

16. Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Christmas Tree Ornament

walking dead ornaments

Price: $16.93

Buy the Walking Dead Christmas Tree Ornament here.

17. Godzilla Christmas Ornament (Carlton Heirloom Magic)

godzilla ornament

Price: $27.99

Buy the Carlton Heirloom Godzilla Ornament here.

18. Hallmark Keepsake Guardians of the Galaxy Groovin’ Groot Ornament

groot ornament

Price: $37.95

Buy the Hallmark Groovin’ Groot Ornament here.

19. Hallmark Back to the Future Part II DeLorean Ornament

Delorean Ornament

Price: $59.90

Buy the Back to the Future DeLorean Ornament here.

20. Pokemon Go 12 piece Mini Red Poke Ball Ornament Set

pokemon christmas ornaments

Price: $24.99

Buy the Pokemon Go 12 Piece Mini Red Poke Ball Ornament Set here.

21. Harry Potter Hedwig Christmas Ornament

Harry Potter Hedwig ornament

Everyone’s favorite owl from the Harry Potter series now has an even more adorable design this holiday season. Part of the stylized Harry Potter set, this “chibi” version of the character is so cute and will perch on your Christmas tree, waiting for Harry’s call. If you want to add more Hogwarts love, there are also Dobby, Harry, Hermione, and Ron ornaments sold seperately.

Price: $7.99

Buy it here.

22. Edna (The Incredibles)

nerdy ornaments


NO CAPES!!! From the popular animated movie, The Incredibles, Edna is the famous superhero costume designer who now has her own ornament where she can regulate the fashion world from the edge of her seat. One of the funniest and greatest characters in the movie, Edna designs the superhero looks and takes charge on any fashion mishaps. She’ll sit there silently judging the access tinsel and design of your tree, but for any Disney or Incredibles fan, she’s a keeper.

Price: $13.79

Buy this ornament here.

23. Hallmark Wonder Woman Movie Ornament

wonder woman ornament hallmark

Diana, the powerful princess of the Amazon, stormed into theaters this past year. Now, have your own Wonder Woman film ornament this holiday season. Complete with the iconic skirt, top, sword, and shield, this version of Diana looks just like her movie counterpart. She’s ready to protect your tree. For fans of the DC comics, the latest film, or Wonder Woman herself, this high quality keepsake is a great choice for a gift or to trim the tree.

Price: $25

Buy the Wonder Woman Ornament here.

24. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Ornament Set

nerdy christmas ornaments

Price: $18.61

Buy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Ornament Set here.

25. Skeletor

Skeletor Ornament

Whether you are a fan of the series or want some 1980’s nostalgia, this Skeletor ornament from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a fun addition to your tree. As one of the main enemies in the series, Skeletor the sorcerer constantly plots ways to defeat He-Man. Now, he is plotting to make you have a happy holiday! This piece includes his famous staff and look, complete with Hallmark quality (seriously, all of the new tree ornaments from He-Man look incredible).

Price: $15.95

Buy the Hallmark Keepsake 2017 He Man Skeletor Ornament here.

26. Gund Pusheen Stocking Holiday Ornament

gund pusheen ornament

Meowy Christmas! Who doesn’t love Pusheen the cat? The famous fat cat is known for its adorable appearance, cuddly line of toys and hilarious comics. Pusheen is a popular at nerd conventions and in the community, which makes it a fantastic ornament for any fan’s tree. This plush hanger features Pusheen stuffed in a stocking, and is soft and huggable. If you don’t want the stocking, it’s removable so you can just have Pusheen trim the tree. It’s adorable and well made.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Gund Pusheen Stocking Holiday Ornament here.

27. Super Mario Bros. 12 Piece Holiday Christmas Ornament Set

super mario ornaments

Price: $32.99

Buy These Mario Christmas Ornaments here.

28. Mario

Mario christmas ornamnet

Collect coins with this new Mario ornament, complete with the famous “?” box. Whether you are pouring hours into Super Mario Odyssey or you prefer the classics, this Hallmark Keepsake collectible is guaranteed to 1-UP your Christmas tree this year. Featuring the main man of the games, this piece perfectly depicts him the moment he gets another coin. Want more characters? There are also Luigi and Yoshi ornaments to add to your own Super Mario (Christmas) World. Perfect for the Super Mario Odyssey fan.

Price: $19.95

Buy the New Mario Christmas Ornament here.

29. Minecraft Creeper

Minecraft creeper ornament

Creepin’ on your Christmas tree, this Minecraft ornament is ready to be added to the decorations and creations of your holiday display–just like the game! Sitting on a TNT block, the creeper sits patiently. No worries, though. He won’t attack with his mob this time. For all ages, this is a fun ornament for fans of the hit Indie game.

Price: $26.95

Buy the Minecraft Creeper Ornament here.

30. Marvel Avengers Christmas Baubles

nerdy christmas ornaments

Price: $29.99

Buy the Marvel Avengers Baubles here.

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