You Need Brain Specimen Coasters In Your Life

Price: $24.99

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Just when you think ThinkGeek couldn’t be any cooler, we’ve found a great set of coasters that make a great addition to any macabre-lover’s living room. Introducing Brain Specimen Coasters, which come in a stack of ten, with each coaster having a slice of brain printed on it. When the coasters are stacked neatly together, they form a full brain.

Of course, coasters can get scattered everywhere (just like brains), so each coaster is numbered so that they’re easily re-stacked. Each glass coaster has rubber feet so that they don’t scratch any of your tables. The Brain Specimen Coasters are 4-inches x 4-inches each, and the set will run you $24.99.

If you’re a science geek, or you’ve got an unhealthy obsession with the brain (zombie much?), this set is perfect for you.

The brain specimen coasters are exclusive to ThinkGeek, so be sure to check them out.

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