40 Best Pokemon Gifts & Toys: The Ultimate List (2019)

Pika Pika

Gotta catch them all! Pokemon has been one of the most influential series of all time. From the first playthroughs of Pokemon Red and Blue from our childhoods to the recent releases on the Nintendo 3DS, there is no doubt that this series is still one of the most beloved JRPGs in the world, and will continue to live on a legacy for years to come.

That being said, although the late 1990’s Pokemon era has passed, there are still unique Pokemon gifts and toys that can be gifted to others (or yourself!).

So without further ado, here are the top 40 best Pokemon gifts and toys for sale:

1. Pikachu Coin Bank

Pikachu Coin Box

If you’re looking for an adorable way to save your loose change, then look no further than this limited edition “pika-bank” from Itazura. Previously featured back in October, this coin bank is sure to make any Pokèfan’s heart melt. This Pika-perfect coin box measures 4¾” x 4″ x 3½” and takes two AA batteries (not included).

Just place your coins on the yellow Pokèball on top, and Pikachu will pop out to take it and keep it safe. This bank fits approximately $5 worth of coins comfortably, and has a number of sound bytes and calls from Pikachu, so you’ll know that he’s coming to collect your coins!

Price: $25.16/each via Amazon

Buy the Pikachu Coin Bank here

2. 3D Crystal Pokèball Light3D Crystal Pokèball Light

Want to keep it classy, but still show off your Pokè-love? Now you can too with these beautiful 3D Crystal Pokèball Lights. This little light is perfect for a desk or bedside table, and just adds a bit of ambient geekiness to the room.

Get your favourite Pokèmon etched inside K9 Crystal. We’re featuring Umbreon, but you can also get Charmander, Pikachu, Gengar, and several others. This 4” diameter light comes with 7 colour options to choose from, and runs on 3x AG3/LR41/SR41 cell batteries, which are included in the purchase.

Price: $21.99/each via Amazon

Buy the 3D Crystal Pokèball Light here

3. Pokèmon Go Power Bank PokèballPokèmon Go Power Bank Pokèball

You’re walking around playing Pokèmon Go, trying to be the very best. Then, just as you come across a Pokèmon you haven’t caught yet, your phone battery dies. No!

It’s no secret that Pokèmon Go is hell on phone batteries. But now, you can have a stylish backup. Introducing the Sunmy ultra-compact portable battery Pack with LED light. Attach this power bank to your iPhone or Android phone via USB, and voila! You’ve got a brand new charge on your phone for extended Pokèmon training.

This charger boasts 10000mAh power bank, a built-in LED light for low-light or nighttime conditions, and a handy chain to ease portability. The company assures compatibility with 99% of phone models, and has built-in short-circuit and over-circuit protection.

Price: $38.99/each via Amazon

Buy the Pokèmon Go Power Bank Pokèball here

4. Clip n’ Carry Pokè-BeltClip n’ Carry Pokè-Belt

Primarily for the younger Pokèmon Trainers out there, this belt will probably wind up in the collections of some steadfast adult Pokèfans too.

This adjustable 100% polyester belt includes a Pokèball design on the buckle and on the band, which you can wear on its own if you so chose. Alternatively, you could rock your cosplay and attach the two included Pokèballs, or go all-out by including up to 6 Pokèballs to the belt (which are sold separately, sorry).

The belt also includes a 2” Pikachu figurine, which helps you realise your dreams of being a Pokèmon Master like Red all the more quickly.

Price: $18.46/each via Amazon

Buy the Clip n’ Carry Pokè-Belt here

5. Pokè-Plush Master BallPokè-Plush Master Ball

Now you can finally have more than one Master Ball (without cheating) with this plush version from TOMY. Master Ball not your thing? No problem! The link features the other Ball types available, including Pokèball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball. Collect them all and have the very best plush collection!

These 5” balls have weighted beans that make them always land upright when thrown, and are incredibly soft and cuddly with embroidered details. Perfect for a long nap after Pokèmon Training, or to add the finishing touches to any Pokèfan’s bedroom.

Price: $10.50/each Master Ball (other Ball prices vary) via Amazon

Buy the Pokè-Plush Master Ball here

6. Pikachu Winter CapPikachu Winter Cap

Bundle up this winter with one of the world’s favourite Pokèmon! This acrylic laplander beanie is licensed through Bioworld, and features Pikachu’s adorable face and ears. A braided tails come down on either side, and end at two knit Pokèballs. Each hat measures an approximate 9″ x 9″ x 13″, while the tails come down about 10”.

Price: $10.97/each via Amazon

Buy the Pikachu Winter Cap here

7. Pokèball Quilt and Sham Set (Twin/Full)

pokeball quilt

This one’s for the young’uns. You’ll think you caught your kids in a Luxury Ball with this microfibre quilt and sham set from L&F Products. Designed for children’s twin or full-sized beds, the quilt measures 86” x 72”, and the sham measures 26” x 20”.

The set features a large Pokèball design on the sham and on the quilt’s topside with a diamond-check pattern. Judging by the picture, the reverse of the quilt bears a motif of Pokèballs on a black background. The lines are clean, and the designs are simple and tasteful, which will help extend the stylistic lifespan of this bed set.

Price: $79.95/each via Amazon

Buy the Pokèball Quilt and Sham Set here

8. Pop-Open PokèballsPop-Open Pokèballs

Step up your cosplay game with these nifty Pop-Open Pokèballs by Kool KiDz. This package contains 4 Balls (Pokèball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball) that pop open when thrown to reveal one of four 2” Pokèmon figurines. Store your Balls on the go with the included carrying pouch for easy on the go Training.

The Pokèmon figurines within these Balls are the three Starters from the X and Y games: Froakie the water-type, Chespin the grass-type, and Fennekin the fire-type. The fourth Pokèmon figurine is the ever-present Pikachu. All four Pokèmon are in a “fight me” stance, making it easy for your cosplay to turn into an imaginative Pokèmon battle.

Price: $16.98/set of 4 via Amazon

Buy the Pop-Open Pokèballs here

9. Pokèmon TCG Sun & Moon-Guardians Rising Elite Trainer BoxPokèmon TCG Sun & Moon-Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box

Collectors and players of the Pokèmon Trading Card Game will definitely be excited about this one. This Elite Trainer Box contains 8 Sun & Moon Guardians booster packs, 45 TCG energy cards, 65 card sleeves, featuring the Guardian Pokèmon Tapu Koko. It also contains a Player’s Guide to the Sun & Moon expansion guide so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Finally, the box includes  6 damage-counter dice, 1 competition-legal coin-flip die, 2 acrylic condition markers, and 1 acrylic GX marker. Everything is packaged neatly into a gold-coloured collector’s box, with 4 dividers to keep everything properly organized. Don’t miss your chance to include this awesome set to your collection!

Price: $25.99/each via Amazon

Buy the Pokèmon TCG Sun & Moon-Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box here

10. Pikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XLPikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XL

This item is only for the Nintendo 3DS XL that was released in 2015; unfortunately, it won’t fit the 2011 models.

Now you can have your console and protect it too! This hard plastic cover by HORI for the Nintendo 3DS XL. This metallic gold case fits snugly around your 3DS XL, and turns any plain console into a shiny Pokèmon inspiration! Just snap it on, and you’re ready to train up that Dusk Lycanroc in Ultra Sun & Moon in style!

The protector case is made from a clear plastic, with a gold image of Pikachu surrounded by little electricity bolts, sparkles, and bubbles. There is also a solid gold border that frames the image, and outlines all the ports and camera lenses on your 3DS. All of your ports will be accessible with the case on, but please keep in mind that it will not fit in a charging cradle while the protector is attached.

Price: $19.99/each via Amazon

Buy the Pikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XL here

11. Pokèball Bath BombsPokèball Bath Bombs

Whether you’re a child, or a child at heart, treat yourself with these bath bombs from Kay’s Bath. These fizzy Pokèbombs are made with all natural, GMO-free ingredients, and is advertised as vegan-friendly. Each bath bomb is approximately 4oz., and will have a random scent of honeysuckle, lavender, sandalwood, or others.

In addition to the soothing essential oils and relaxing epsom salts in these fizzing marvels, there’s also a Pokèmon figurine set into the center of each! These Pokèmon are applied at random, so you get a bit of a surprise while you’re enjoying your bath! You’ll also get a randomised Pokèmon card when you order these to add to your your collection!

Price: $34.99/pack of 6 via Amazon

Buy the Pokèball Bath Bombs here

12. Bulbasaur Succulent Planter PotBulbasaur Succulent Planter Pot

Do you like plants? How about grass-type Pokèmon? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, really, then you’re going to love this one. You can have your very own tenacious little Bulbasaur right on your windowsill with this adorable planter pot by YOURNELO.

Available in green or white, these little ceramic planters measure 4½” x 3.1” and can hold one small succulent in the space where Bulbasaur’s bulb should be, pot and all. Of course, you’d need to pick your own succulent, it doesn’t come with the planter. But that way, you can have more than one! Buy the set of two to get one of each colour.

Price: $16.20/single green planter via Amazon

Buy the Bulbasaur Succulent Planter Pot here

13. 4-Piece Pokèmon Plush Set4-Piece Pokèmon Plush Set

No Pokèmon collection is complete without the original starters. You can get the original (four) Kanto starters in plushie form from Square Imports™.

These plushes are especially great for Pokèfans who’ve had children recently. Continue the tradition of choosing your first starter by getting these plushes and then getting your lads and lasses to choose their own first Pokèmon!

This set of 4 includes Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and of course, Pikachu. Each of these cuddly plushies is approximately 6” in size, covered with a soft polyester and stuffed with Poly-Fil.

Price: $18.99/set of 4 via Amazon

Buy the 4-Piece Pokèmon Plus Set here

14. Pokèball Lunch CasePokèball Lunch Case

This exclusive ThinkGeek creation is officially licensed by Pokèmon and is perfect to geek up your daily commute.

This food-safe hard plastic construct is 6½” x 5”, and has about a 14 oz capacity. It’s opens up into two parts with a push-button release, and has an integrated handle for easy carrying. It’s dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze.

Fill it with your lunch, or your favourite snack, or even your trading cards. Whatever you put in it, you’ll for sure be the envy of other Pokémon Trainers!

Price: $19.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Pokèball Lunch Case here

15. Pokèmon Sun & Moon Official Strategy GuidePokèmon Sun & Moon Official Strategy Guide

Whether you’re using it for practical purposes or just to collect, you’re not going to want to miss getting your hands on this official strategy guide for the new Sun & Moon Pokèmon games.

Included in the Guide are detailed walkthroughs, a pull-out map of the Alola region. Also included is detailed information of where to catch all your favourite Pokèmon, as well as movesets, items, and more!

Price: $18.63/each via Amazon

Buy the Pokèmon Sun & Moon Official Strategy Guide here

16. Eevolution PrintEevolution Print

This gorgeous print is by Dragon-fly out of Bulgaria. It comes formatted in a 11” x 14” printed on LUSTER paper.

The borderless print features all nine Eevee evolutions , including Eevee itself in the forefront. The image appears to lay out the Eevee evolutions by generation, with Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon directly behind Eevee. Behind the first three Eevolutions are Umbreon and Espeon, and finally, the latest evolutions, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon at the back.

These gorgeous stylised illustrations are colored in tandem with the base colors of the Pokemon they silhouette, with a paint-splatter effect for extra dramatic flair. Any Eevee fan would love this hanging on their wall!

Price: $25.00/each via Amazon

Buy the Eevolution Print here

17. Snorlax Beanbag ChairSnorlax Beanbag Chair

Have a nice long Rest with this massive Snorlax beanbag chair from ThinkGeek. This thing is just about as big to life as you can get while still being able to fit it through standard door frame. It doesn’t skimp on comfort, though, so you can Snore away so loudly that not even a Pokè Flute could wake you!

This beanbag measures 40″ x 48″ x 16″, and is made out of 100% polyester fibre. The filling is comprised of a mixture of polyester and cotton fibres, and polystyrene beads for maximum comfort. Just be sure not to play Pokèmon Go on it! If you fall asleep, a Drowzee could use Dream Eater!

Price: $149.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Snorlax Beanbag Chair here

18. Pokèball Bluetooth SpeakerPokèball Bluetooth Speaker

Rock out to your favourite tunes, or listen to the dulcet tones of your preferred podcast with this awesome Pokèball speaker by ThinkGeek.

Able to hook up to Bluetooth-enabled devices, this speaker is powered by a lithium-ion battery that ensures nearly 9 hours of music (or whatever you want) on a single charge. You can even receive and answer calls by synching it to your phone. With its 20 ft. range, you don’t even need to have it and your Bluetooth-enabled device in the same room! (But no long journeys without the charging cords, okay?)

This handy little speaker is made out of ABS and PVC plastic, with a little PCBA and silicon to round things out. Though it will fit neatly into your hand, as any good Pokèball should, we recommend that you don’t throw it; the manufacturer’s warranty is only valid for 90 days.

Price: $39.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Pokèball Bluetooth Speaker here

19. Light-Up Pikachu SlippersLight-Up Pikachu Slippers

“This little pika went to market… this little pika stayed home….” There’s no better way to keep a Pokèfan’s feet cozy this winter than with these adorable Pikachu slippers from ThinkGeek. Both men up to US size 10 and women up to US size 12 can perfect their Static ability wearing these, plush slippers. Even more fun is that Pikachu’s cheek pads light up for 10 seconds with each step you take. I dare you not to imitate a Thunderbolt attack while wearing these.

The bottoms of these polyester slippers are lined with no-stick dots to make sure you don’t skid around, though you may want to. Each slipper contains a battery pack, which houses 4 CR2032 button cell batteries (included! Isn’t that nice?) Both battery packs have an on/off switch, too, to conserve electricity for your next big Pokèmon battle.

Price: $29.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Pikachu Light-Up Slippers here

20. Eevee Embossed Crossbody BagEevee Embossed Crossbody Bag

For those stylish Pokèfans, this bag is sure to catch your eye. Featuring Eevee’s lovable face, this beautifully embossed bag will surely turn heads at Con and on the street. Don’t worry though, no Tauros were harmed in the making of this bag; it’s fashioned out of faux leather.

The bag measures 8” x 11” x 2”, with a magnetic snap on the main flap and a beautiful floral interior that mirrors the design behind Eevee on the exterior. The adjustable strap measures between 28” at the shortest to 56” at the longest, so no matter what, you’ll be able to adjust it as needed.

Price: $69.99/each via ThinkGeek

Buy the Eevee Embossed Crossbody Bag here

21. Sleepy Pikachu Ceramic Mug


This is for those who get out of bed before they are really awake and don’t quite have the energy to run that 10km they need to hatch their latest egg in Pokemon GO. To recharge fill up this sleepy Pikachu, drink and fill yourself with coffee, repeat as necessary so that you become less of a Snorlax and more like the super fast Ninjask, which move so quickly they can’t even be seen when trying to evade an attack.

Price: $16.15

Buy it here.

22. Pokemon Trading Card Game Premium Collection Box

Many trading card games based on television shows or franchises seem to be quick cash grabs or are not as fun to play over time. However, the Pokemon TCG proves this wrong, being one of the more addicting games to date. The TCG has been around for awhile, evolving in gameplay throughout the years. Players face Pokemon against each other, using energy to attack their opponents, the goal of knocking out as many of the opponent’s team as possible. This Trading Card Game Premium Collection Box includes booster packs and special EX cards to add to anyone’s deck.

Price: $42.94

Buy it here.

23. Gengar Galaxy Backpack


For those not scared of ghost or the dark, this might be the perfect small backpack. It has one large center pocket, a small front pocket, and a tiny zipper pouch on the back. That said for it to work properly it needs to be taken out in the sunshine too. Perhaps take it on a Pokemon GO adventure so that Gengar’s eyes and his smile can light up for you as they glow in the dark.

Price: $17.50

Buy it here.

24. Nanoblock Pokemon Figures


Nanoblocks are great gifts for those who enjoy reading directions, building, and don’t mind tiny pieces. This set includes Blastoise, Charizard, Dragonite, Lapras, Snorlax, and Venusaur and they have between 129 to 234 pieces. The blocks are made of non-toxic plastic and each figure comes with detailed, colored instructions. Charizard is the tallest standing around three and a half inches tall.

Price: $41.60

Buy it here.

25. Pokemon Center Special Plushies

Pokemon plush toys are absolutely cute, but nothing is better than exclusive Pokemon Center editions. This Christmas Eevee is just one example of many different variants of plushes available from Japan. Many of the styles range from festive designs to Pokemon cosplaying other Pokemon. Luckily, they can still be ordered online for international fans.

Price: $32.09 (Christmas Eevee)

Buy it here.

26. Pokeball Lunch Bag

Transporting food has never looked so awesome for Pokemon trainers. This Pokeball lunch bag is a perfect way to represent your affiliation with the Poke League.  Lunchboxes are useful for school, work, or taking food/snacks on the go. If nothing else, this lunchbox can be used as a really awesome looking purse/accessory. While you’re at it, check out other cool lunchboxes for nerds.

Price: $15.48

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Nendoroid Pokemon Center Cynthia with Garchomp

Nendoroids are a type of figure from Japan with cute, chibi-like features that form their own distinctive style. Despite Pokemon being so popular, there are not too many official figures like this, especially of trainer Cynthia. Cynthia has her famous Garchomp with her in this well-made figure set by Goodsmile. For collectors of merchandise, this Nendoroid is a great pick to display. What is awesome about these types of figures is that they have interchangeable facial expressions, hands, etc to change the look of it anytime. Fans of anime or Japanese merchandise in general will appreciate this official release.

Price: $65.00

Buy it here.

28. Charizard Hat

It’s starting to get rather cold out, and there really is no better way to warm up with the famous fire type Charizard’s hat. This adorable Pokemon beanie hat features two drawstrings and Charizard’s typical facial expression. The ears on top of the hat make it even more adorable, being one of the best Poke-hats on the market. There are also other options such as Pikachu and Eevee, trainers having the choice to select their favorite creatures.

Price: $23.97

Buy it here.

29. Pokeball Dress

There needs to be more geeky dresses in this world. Not only is the Pokeball dress undeniably eyecatching, it looks absolutely adorable and is a must have for anybody’s wardrobe. It can be considered a subtle, yet recognizable dress that is perfect for anywhere. This would look awesome with the matching lunchbox or Pokeball accessories. Perfect for cons, everyday wear, or a Pokemon tournament, this dress is definitely a stylish clothing option that deviates from the standard fandom shirt.

Price: $38.99 and up

Buy this Pokemon dress here.

30. Pokemon Badge Set

After long, grueling fights with the best of the best trainers of each Pokemon type, players win the ultimate token, a gym badge. Nothing else comes close to proving the accomplishments of a trainer than a set of badges. This Pokemon badge set features the first eight badges of the Kanto region, proving what gyms you, as a trainer, have cleared and conquered. These can be placed anywhere, from bags, desks, to even your own personal badge holder. There are quite a few sets of badges available based on the regions of the game, so collect them all!

Price: $29.99

Buy it here.

31. Johto Edition Monopoly

pokemon monopoly

Looking for something to do with other trainers? Look no further than this Pokemon Johto edition of Monopoly featuring metal tokens Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Pichu, Pikachu, Togepi, and Totodile. The board also features the eight gyms of the region including Falkner’s flying type gym in Violet City, Bugsy’s bug type gym in Azalea Town, Whitney’s normal type gym in Goldenrod City, Morty’s ghost type gym in Ecruteak City, Chuck’s fighting type gym in Cianwood City, Jasmine’s steel type gym in Olivine City, Pryce’s ice type gym in Mahogany Town, and Clair’s dragon type gym in Blackthorn City.

Price: $37.89

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Pokemon Visual Companion

pokemon visual companion

DK books recently published a new Visual Companion the includes information on the characters, Pokemon, and events of the Kalos region and other regions.The author Tim Bogenn worked for Sony Computer Entertainment in the early 90’s before he began writing game guides for BradyGames Publishing. Since then he has written well over 100 guides and the amount of detail in this guide is a testament to his hard work. This visual companion is full of fun facts, antecedents, and artwork sorted by region and it’s sure to delight any fan.

Price: $11.72

Buy it here.

33. Pokemon Adventures: Red and Blue Box Set (Manga)

Price: $34.06

The original Pokemon television series featured an unforgettable story, following Ash, a young and ambitious trainer who seemingly never ages, despite traveling to so many regions. However, the Pokemon Adventures series showcases the adventures of trainer Red and Blue, two characters who have a different perspective in the world. The manga is exceptional, as well as enjoyable for all ages. Red also has a rivalry with Blue, creating an interesting plot line. This set includes seven volumes, an absolute value for its price. Manga and comics can be very expensive to keep up with, but this set includes a large continuation of the localized stories, making it a worthwhile investment for fans who like to read and enjoy another setting in the Pokemon universe.

Buy it here.

34. Eevee Evolution Wallet


The officially licensed wallet features Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon. Each is on a patterned background. These include flames, cubes, lightning bolts, grass, waves, and others. This faux leather wallet is great for that those people who caught eight Eevees so that they could have one of each evolution or the person who only has one and is freighting because they don’t know which stone to use. Their choice of fake leather saved a Milktank from MooMoo farms and it is vegan-friendly.

Price: $15.95

Get this Pokemon wallet here.

35. Clip and Carry Pokeball

Although having a real life Pokemon with a Pokeball is impossible, the next best thing is a Pokemon replica toy. The Clip ‘n’ Carry Pokeball set features two variants of the Pokeballs found in the game, the Great Ball and Ultra Ball. It can clip to your belt for everyday style or your next Pokemon related cosplay. It also has two figures and battle tags included, making it one of the best Pokemon toys for sale.

Price: $15.99 (20% off MSRP)

Buy these Pokeballs here.

36. Pikachu Kigurumi

Kigurumis are more than just adult pajamas, they are some of the most comfortable outfits around. Originating in Japan, these onesies feature extra long torsos and cute hoods that can be worn at conventions, around the house, or costume parties. Being so popular, Pokemon definitely has a place in the Kigurumi world. The prices are a little spiked due to high demand, but it’s always recommended to buy from the official retailer, Sazac. Check out our top 10 best adult oneside kigurumis list, while you’re at it.

Price: $120.00

Buy the Pokemon Kigurumi here.

37. Totodile Night Light


Not your traditional night light, this Totodile light has a 3D look with a variety of color options including 6 different  dynamic options and 20 different static options. It consists of a transparent light guiding plate and a bamboo bases and it runs using a USB cord. The light is energy efficient and can even be changed using a remote from a distance.

Price: $23.99

Buy this Pokemon light here.

38. Pokemon Drawing Kit


Making fan art of the series is still a common hobby among both kids and adults alike but before you can do that you have to know how to draw Pokemon. While there are loads of internet tutorials, these set is far easier to gift and comes with instructions for Pikachu, Turtwig, Totodial, Tepig, Mudkip, Charmander, Chimcar, Bulbasaur, and more. It also includes a practice pad, color posters, sticker sheets, pencil, a sharpener, twist crayons, two erasers and a travel pouch.

Price: $16.99

Buy this Pokemon Drawing Book here.

39. Pokemon Sticker Set


What’s better than a Pokemon Sticker? 120 of them is better. They are sturdy enough to be used on a car, skateboard, snowboard, helmet, laptop, or anywhere else your heart desires. The stickers in this set are around the size of a quarter and they are waterproofed as well as protected from sun fading. There is a strong focus on Pikachu but it can include others like Eevee, Slowbro, Charmander, Minun, Plusle, Mew, Magikarp, Gengar, Jigglypuff, and Snorlax.

Price: $7.99

Buy these Pokemon Stickers here.

40. Pokemon Chopsticks


If you ever watched the cartoon growing up, you probably caught Pokemon trainers on more than one occasion eating noodles with a pair of chopsticks. Chopsticks have existed for over 3,000 years and they are believed to have played some role in the nonviolent teachings of Confucious. This set features the much loved Pokemon from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y including the starters, Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin, as well as Venusuar, Blastoise, and the legendaries Xerneas, Yveltal.

Price: $9.58

Buy it here.

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