Captain America Powerbank Mobile Battery Charger

captain america portable powerbankWe already have quite a few mobile phone chargers lying around the office, but we’re now ready to throw them all in the garbage after seeing this one: the Captain America Shield Portable Powerbank.

While most of the portable powerbanks on the market right now generally aim to have a small design with a minimalist look, this charger, which is officially licensed by Marvel, is made to look like Captain America’s shield from the Avengers movies, complete with an aluminum alloy finish. And while many of the mobile chargers that have a cool look to them make sacrifices with their capacity, this Captain America charger has a sizeable 6800mAh capacity, meaning it can charge your iPhone 6 up to 4 full charges. It delivers a fast charge to your devices, and can fully charge an iPhone 6 in just 45 minutes. The shield charger measures just 3.9 in diameter and just 0.4 inches thick. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Price: $31.19

Buy it here.

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