Captain Phasma Hoodie Armor

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captain phasma hoodie armorIt looks like ThinkGeek isn’t quite ready to stop riding the Star Wars: The Force Awakens wave, and, well, neither are we. One of their newest Star Wars-themed bits of merch is this ultra cool Captain Phasma Armor Hoodie.

This unisex hoodie is, as you probably guessed by now, modeled after Captain Phasma. In fact, it even has a hood that you can zip up over your face to look like you’re wearing Phasma’s now-iconic helmet. It also has black mesh fabric in the cut-out areas for your eyes. The hoodie is made out of polyester, and it’s much warmer than a big hunk of metal would be. It’s available in a variety of sizes from Small to 2XL. Of course, it’s a bit strange that Phasma’s role was so small in the film, but hopefully we’ll see more of her when Episode 8 comes around.

Price: $55.99 (30% off MSRP)

Buy it here.

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