Super Mario Bros Collectors Edition Fridge Magnets

Attention all gamers: you can build a whole new Super Mario level by attaching Super Mario Bros magnets right to your fridge. All you have to do is get a hold of this 80-piece Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Bros Collectors Edition Magnets set and start creating.

Mario fridge magnets

The Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Bros Collectors Edition Magnets are based on the prodigious video game —that’s right—Super Mario. The collectors edition of this Mario magnets set includes characters and icons; including Mario and Luigi, turtles, flowers, mushrooms, and coins. The set also includes level details like sewer tunnels and brick platforms. It is, in fact, an officially licensed Nintendo product. Just in case you’re wondering, the magnets are not safe for children under three years old.

The colorful magnet set will allow you to create your own Super Mario levels like in Super Mario Maker, although you’ll have no way to actually play it nor share it with a friend to prove that it’s the most difficult and brilliant Mario level in existence.

Price: $16.37 + free shipping

Buy it here.

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