Nerd Weekly: Muppets Pasta, Your First Screen Name, and More

around the web entertainmentIt’s been a solid week here at Nerd Much. Deadpool released, Destiny 2 was officially set for 2017, some FANTASTIC new Game of Thrones FUNKO Pops were debuted, and there’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming. Okay, so other than that last one, it’s been a pretty solid week.

But it’s the weekend, so now it’s time for us to wind-down, and if you’re like us, you frequently browse the web for great content. And while Nerd Much is obviously the best thing ever (right??), we do realize there are other great sites with great content out there. So grab your morning coffee, sit back, and check out some of the cool things we’ve found around the web this week in our link roundup below.

1. How to Make Animal From the Muppets Pasta [via Foodiggity]

A plate of pasta that looks like Animal from the Muppets. Thanks, internet.

2. Anya to Zombies: An Alphabet of 26 Graphic Novels by Women [via BitchMedia]

After the Angouleme International Comics Festival had no female comic creators in its 30 nominees for the top award, and a poor explanation by an Angouleme representative who said “there are few women in the history of comics,” BitchMedia writer Shaenon Garrity took matters into her own hands by creating an epic list of great female-written comics, from A to Z. Love it.

3. The Seven Kingdoms Mug [via Cool Material]

If you don’t want one of these incredible mugs, we can’t be friends. They look like something out of Vikings or Game of Thrones. Truly awesome. It’s $50, but at least there’s a 15% off code: HECKYEAH.

4. Cliff Bleszinski Declined Kojima Request to Help on Silent Hills [via GameWatcher, hat tip to Blues News for the find]

A Bleszinski x Kojima game would be incredible, and I think the reasoning for Bleszinski’s saying no is interesting.

5. What Was Your First Screen Name? [via The Toast]

My first screen name: AFdragon14. Yikes. I love the conversation started over at The Toast, and some of the comments are hilarious. What was your first?

6. Top 10 Bill Murray Fan Art [via Reel Life With Jane]

A GREAT collection of fan art of Bill Murray from the never-ending depths of Instagram. Hail to the king, indeed.

7. A Scene in the Deadpool Movie That’s Taken Straight From the Deadpool Comic [via Bleeding Cool]

This is definitely an interesting note by Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston, who says that one of the scenes from the Deadpool movie is taken word for word, action by action from 2008’s Deadpool #10. That’s all well and good, except Daniel Way and Paco Medina don’t get any credits in the movie.

Every week, we’re hunting for cool reads we think our readers would love. If you find anything great during the week that you think our readers might like, we’d love for you to tweet the link at us.

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