Antec SoundScience USB HDTV Bias Lighting

Price: $6.84

Buy it here

If you frequently find yourself binge-watching Netflix‘s latest series or your Plex media collection, you might notice that it can strain your eyes. The solution? Put a light strip, like this Antec SoundScience USB Light strip, behind your TV.

It’s a simple tool, really. It’s basically just an LED light strip that you can stick to the back of your TV, but a lot of people aren’t aware of its existence (which is why we’re here posting about it right now). These types of lights are perfect for eliminating eyestrain, and it works with the majority of televisions (as long as you have it at least 10 inches or so away from the wall). On top of that, it also makes blacks blackier and makes the picture pop. Plus, you know, it looks cool when you have something glowing from behind your TV.

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