Travelamp Smartphone Light Diffuser

travelamp light diffuserWe’ve all been in the situation before where you want a light for reading, but our smartphone flashlight is too bright and focused. Now, there’s a product that spreads your phone’s light out more, making it illuminate more while being less bright and focused: the Travelamp Smartphone Light Diffuser by Fred & Friends.

It’s a small contraption made out of silicone that wraps around your phone and sits atop your phone’s camera flashlight, creating a warmer glow as oppose to a bright light. It’s that simple, and you’ll never have to struggle to read at night any longer. We’ll also note that the Travelamp looks like a lamp meets one of those small paper ketchup cups you’d find at Burger King. So, there’s that.

Price: $13.00

Buy the Travelamp Smartphone Diffuser here.

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