The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book

the walking dead pop-up bookTypically speaking, pop-up books are aimed at children, using bright colors and cutesy cartoons to catch their eye. Now, that magic is applied to The Walking Dead with The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book.

We’ve already seen a ton of great Walking Dead merch hit the market, with everything from Funko Pops to mugs to beer. Now, it’s time for a popup book! It’s a book filled with eye-catching pop-ups filled with gory scenes, pulled right out of the series’ most iconic moments. The book contains five spreads, including Bicycle Girl reaching out to the reader, a prison scene, the Governor’s aquarium, the juicy Well Walker, and more. The spreads are packed with great artwork, and they highlight different characters and moments from everyone’s favorite zombie show. Of course, it’s a juxtaposition of sorts, since pop-up books are mostly aimed at children and The Walking Dead is, well, not. The book, created by Becca Zerkin, David Hawcock, and drawn by Sally Elizabeth Jackson, is now available for $39.

Price: $38.68 (40% off MSRP)

Buy the Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book here.

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