Power Rangers Red Ranger Masked Robe

Power Rangers Red Ranger Masked RobeWe’ve seen some awesome Power Rangers merch in our days, and there’s certainly no shortage of cool nerdy stuff out there for fans. But when we came across this Power Rangers Red Ranger Masked Robe, we just had to share.

It’s an officially licensed mesh robe designed around the Red Ranger, decorated in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers style. What’s more, the hood contains an awesome mask modeled after the Ranger’s own from the series. It’s soft and warm, and it’s a great Power Rangers gift for those who are fans of the original series (and, well, who isn’t?). If Jason were a sleepy ninja, he’d wear this badass Power Rangers robe, and now you can pick it up as well, just in time, as the upcoming Power Rangers movie, which is also based on the original Rangers, has entered into production.

Price: $49.99

Buy it here.

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