Remote Controlled Pokemon LED Night Light

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Pokemon LED LightsIn honor of Pokémon’s recent 20th anniversary celebration, we are here to once again pose that age-old question: Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle? Of course, unlike Pokémon Red and Blue, you DO have the option of choosing all three of these awesome remote-controlled Pokemon LED night lights (along with numerous other awesome characters and designs from the seller).

The base of these backlit wall hangings is made from a sturdy polystyrene, which is then plastered, sanded, and painted with a low-sheen black paint. It is then paired with a super bright LED to create a super cool effect. When you consider how long-lasting and efficient LED bulbs are, you may well decide that these are a worthwhile investment over a standard night light (not to mention the soothing effect they have). In addition to turning the light on and off, the remote control lets you adjust brightness and switch between 16 different color settings, two flash effects, and two fade effects. It comes with a compatible plug based on the purchaser’s country, and can be easily installed with a nail or picture frame hanging hook. They range from about 45-50 cm in height depending on the Pokemon, and are extremely lightweight and well-constructed.

Remember, in the words of Professor Oak, “It’s unsafe!….You need your own Pokémon for your protection!” Keep the darkness at bay with one of these three starter Pokémon wall lights.

Price: $69.91

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