Nerd Weekly: Origami Darth Vader & Electric Skateboards

link roundup + EntertainmentEvery weekend, we round-up some cool things we’ve found around the web during the week that we think our readers would love. We call it the Nerd Weekly (a bad example of how original we actually are here at Nerd Much).

But lack of originality aside, there were a lot of great articles we found this week, including how to make an Origami Darth Vader, the best electric skateboards, free ebooks for all kids (the most awesome of awesome articles in this link roundup), and an insightful and educational article from Kotaku.

So here are some cool things our readers might find interesting this weekend:

1. Learn How to Make an Origami Darth Vader [via Nerd Approved]

For those unaware, Nerd Approved is a blog filled with cool nerdy things found around the web, typically filling their content with ultra nerdy YouTube finds, nerd-centric deals, and crazy cool things from around the web. This week’s find is a video on how to make an origami Darth Vader.

2. 10 Electric Skateboards to Add to Your Travels [via Man of Many]

Man of Many is an online men’s magazine, but that doesn’t mean all of its content is strictly for dudes. Check out their list of 10 cool electric skateboards, because getting from point A to point B should be fun.

3. Millions are about to have access to free ebooks [via Upworthy]

Upworthy made us aware of an upcoming eBooks program that’s going to give free eBooks to many, and we can dig that.

4. Pins Collective: Digital Pins You Can Use to Display Gifs [via Kickstarter]

We’ve all seen pins before, and they’re unexciting, sure. But what about digital pins that you can design yourself and display on a screen? What about pins that you can display gifs on? IF I can walk around with Chris Farley’s El Nino gif, you’d better believe I’m going to do that.

5. The Ugly New Front in the Neverending Video Game Culture War [via Kotaku]

Kotaku does a lot of things right, and Patrick Klepek’s article on The Ugly New Front in the Neverending Video Game Culture War is another great read. It’s admittedly a long read, but a very insightful one that the gaming community — at least the type of gamers we’re targeting here at Nerd Much — should be able to appreciate.

Every week, we’re hunting for cool reads/watches we think our readers would love. If you find any great content (outside of Nerd Much, of course) during the week that you think our readers might like, we’d love for you to tweet the link at us.

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