Handheld Windows 10 Console For Just $299

handheld windows 10Imagine you are on your commute to work when all the sudden you’re craving your favorite PC game. We’ve all been there before. With this handheld Windows 10 console, this won’t be a problem anymore.

A Chinese company called GPD has launched an Indiegogo campain to create this powerful little device. Powered by Windows 10 home, this little monster will feature an Intel Cherry Trail Atom x5-Z8500. Basically, you should have no problem installing your favorite PC games from your market of choice. If it runs on a on a laptop, it should run on this.

The obvious caveat here is that it won’t be able to play the most graphically intensive games. Still, to be able to run tons of older games, emulations, and more? This is a dream come true.

Other device specs are 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and Bluetooth radio. Not to mention, a full QWERTY keyboard, an impressive 5.5-inch 720p display, mini HDMI output, micro SD expansion, and a USB 2.0 slot for any peripherals.

The main reason devices like this aren’t super powerful already is that battery power would be an issue. With this handheld Windows 10 device, GPD promises between six and eight hours of actual gaming. That’s better than pretty much any laptop!

If you like how this sounds, we suggest you check out their Indiegogo page. The first 2,000 contributors can score the little console for just $299. If their other products are any reference, the retail product may cost closer to $499.

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