Fashion Friday: Walking Dead Socks, Pokemon Wallets, & More

Fashion FridayIt’s Friday, and that means it’s time for our first official nerd Fashion Friday post. Every Friday (from now on), we’ll be bringing you the latest and coolest finds from around the web in the wonderful world of nerdy fashion. (Like our Cool Stuff posts, but with a focus on nerdy apparel and accessories).

A lot of great fashion stuff has come across our desks this week, including new additions by ThinkGeek, StylinOnline, and more online stores around the web. Whether you’re into The Walking DeadPokemon, or Wonder Woman, this week’s list of cool nerdy stuff in the world of fashion has you covered:

1. The Walking Dead Zombie Socks (via ThinkGeek)

the walking dead socks

These wonderfully gory socks have a black and white design with a zombie on them, with highlights of red oozing down the zombie’s face. It’s kind of weird if you think about it since The Walking Dead zombies’ blood is actually a much darker shade, but we love these socks anyway.

Price: $9.99

Buy them at ThinkGeek

2. Pokemon Poke Ball Wallet (via StylinOnline)

pokemon poke ball wallet

If you gotta catch ’em all, this Pokemon Poke Ball Zip Clutch Wallet should be your new nerdy wallet of choice. It’s designed to look like a Poke Ball (obvious), although you won’t find a Blastoise within (bummer, we know).

Price: $19.88

Buy them at

3. Wonder Woman Leather Jacket (via Angel Jackets)

Wonder Woman Leather Jacket

When great style is combined with great superheroes, magical things happen. And, this Wonder Woman Leather Jacket by Angel Jackets is as magical as they come. It sports white stars on the blue sleeves, with a red and yellow front with a yellow Wonder Woman logo. It’s crafted entirely from PU leather, and it’s fit for any Amazonian princess.

Price: $129

Buy it from Angel Jackets

4. Batman v Superman: Showdown in Gotham T-Shirt (via Merchoid)

Showdown in Gotham City T-shirt

There’s no denying that we are fiends for new T-shirts, and we’re anxiously awaiting to see the results of the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This brand new Batman v Superman: Showdown in Gotham T-Shirt is a throwback to the old boxing posters of yesteryear, with the tale of the take for the upcoming showdown between Batman and Superman.

Price: $24.99

Buy it from Merchoid

5. Stop Stressing Meowt (via Resilience)

Stop Stressing Meowt Shirt

Cat puns are always appreciated, and this “Stop Stressing Meowt” T-shirt is worthy of our giggles.

Price: $19.78

Buy it from Merchoid

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