Matchlight Matchstick-Sized Flashlights in a Matchbox

matchstick lightsHere’s one piece of gadgety goodness that’s fit for Bond’s arsenal: meet the tiny new Matchlight from MBI (that’s Matchbox Instruments for those keeping score at home), the world’s smallest flashlight — it’s smaller than a matchstick.

It’s likely that the time you’re going to need a flashlight the most, you won’t have one with you. MBI, the inventor of the Matchlight, wants to change that with a flashlight tiny enough to just stash in your wallet for an emergency. Originally conceived in Japan where earthquakes are almost a daily encounter (and blackouts a common subsequence), even a small amount of light can be very useful in an emergency. The Matchlights, have a magnetic end so they’ll stick to various surfaces. They come in a clever matchbook-style package, that holds eight of the little Matchlights (available in White, Red, Green). The miniature lights can be switched on and off, and will run continuously for eight hours, but unfortunately, they’re one-time use only (there’s no way at present to replace the battery). However, its creators are currently researching a rechargeable version if the form factor proves to be a success.

Obviously, these are not designed to replace a more powerful, standard use flashlight but when you’re hard pressed to trim and slim down your gear, they don’t get much smaller than this. It’s already fully funded over at IndieGoGo, but you can still pick one up if you’re quick.

Price: $40 MSRP (per pack)

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