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Diamond Select Toys is well-known by action figure collectors for creating high quality and highly detailed action figures of everything ranging from Marvel to Star Trek to Dragon Age. But, they also have incredibly-detailed statues as well, like their new Harley Quinn Mad Love Statue, a Gamestop Exclusive.

This limited edition statue will have only 1500 pieces created in total, and it’s modeled after the New Batman Adventures episode “Mad Love.” This 12″ resin version of Harley Quinzel depicts the one-time psychologist holding a mallet, as well as a pistol with a classic “bang flag.” She’s wearing a nightgown and her iconic jester’s hat with her classic face point. The statue sits on a faux marble base, and it’s packaged with an authenticity certificate. The Clayburn Moore-sculpted Harley Quinn figure makes for the perfect nerdy gift for Batman and Harley Quinn fans alike.

Price: $149.99

Buy the Harley Quinn Mad Love Statue here.

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