Nerd Weekly: Gender Gap in eSports, Hilarious Tabletop Games & More

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lifelike robotWe’ve always been a fan of spreading the love around, and as our own audience grows here at Nerd Much, we plan on continuing to point our readers’ at other great/interesting content from around the web. Because, well, we’re constantly traversing the deepest depths of the web for great content to consume ourselves, so it’s only proper that we share our great finds.

There are plenty of great reads this week, and cutting down the list to just five articles was especially tough. From eSports talks to some fun tabletop games to a robot so real, if it had an actual wig on we probably wouldn’t be able to tell it isn’t human, there’s plenty of great nerdy content this week. So, check out our finds from around the web this week:

1. Closing the Gender Gap in eSports [via Polygon]

Polygon’s Arthur Gies has a great article on the big gender gap in eSports, and asks the question “how can we get more women to partake in the wonderful world of eSports?” The writer talks about Stephanie Harvey, a professional gamer who has seen the exacerbation of sexism and racism in the industry. It’s well worth the quick read. Read more…

2. Burned out on Cards Against Humanity? Here are some other hilarious tabletop games. (via Geek & Sundry)

As Liz will tell you, I’ve been complaining about being burned out by Cards Against Humanity, a game that’s hilarious at first but slowly loses its appeal with each play (since you come to learn all of the cards and their shock value lessens). Luckily, Geek & Sundry’s (whom we are huge fans of, for the record) Kendall Ashley crafted a list of hilarious tabletop games that will turn any game night into a gigglefest. And, you’d better believe that some of these games are on our soon-to-play/must-buy list for game night. Read more…

3. This robot is too real. This is how things start to go wrong. [via CNBC]

Do you want a robot uprising? Because, this is how you start a robot uprising. Read More…

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4. Will eSports Become Mainstream in the US in the next decade? [via Bit Rebels]

Bit Rebels’ Richard Darell posted an interesting write-up about whether or not eSports could potentially become mainstream in the US at some point over the next decade. It’s a good read, and our personal thought is that eSports are definitely becoming more and more popular in the U.S., with Twitch fueling that rise. Read More…

5. The Joker and The Riddler Were Close to Being in Batman v Superman [via Collider]

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice already filled with numerous DC heroes and villains, we were surprised to read this article this morning (by Matt Goldberg at Collider) that notes that The Joker and The Riddler were close to actually being in Batman v Superman. I think it’s best that they were left out, although I’d be interested to see a new Riddler in the DC movie universe. Read More…

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