Cool Stuff8Bitdo SNES Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

8Bitdo SNES Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

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Seen our Instagram lately? You may have noticed that we have a sort of obsession with video game controllers, and now that the Switch is out and in our household, we’re going to be hunting for ultra cool controllers to add to the household. If you’re also looking for some cool-looking controllers to add to your lineup, check out 8Bitdo’s SF30 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which is modeled with the SNES controller in mind.

8bitdo snes controller for nintendo switch

This controller is wireless and uses Bluetooth to connect, and it also has a USB-C port for a direct USB connection with whatever you’re using it with. It can be used with the Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Android, so it’s quite versatile. However, its clear selling point is that it has the SNES controller’s aesthetic (obviously with some upgrades to keep up with the times). The design uses a grey base with darker gray D-Pad and Start/Select buttons, and it adds two analog sticks. The buttons are multi-color, and it uses the blue, green, yellow, and red color scheme that old SNES controllers had back in the day.

The 8Bitdo SF30 also adds rumble vibration — something the Super Nintendo controllers simply didn’t have — as well as home and screenshot buttons.

There’s also a purpled-out version of the controller available (called the SN30), which sports light purple and dark purple YXBA buttons instead of the multi-colored ones.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a great-looking controller that makes an excellent addition to your household’s controller collection. Especially when you factor in the limited number of options for ready-made Switch controllers, these are simply great.

The controllers are available for $49.97 each via Amazon.

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