Charmander Pokemon Lighter

Pokemon Lighter
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Cool lighters aren’t hard to find nowadays, with many having cool designs, funny slogans or unique artwork. But none of them compare to the awesomeness that is this Charmander Pokemon Lighter which has everyone’s favorite fire breathing Pokemon on it.

The black lighter, which was created by the fine folks at the Flamerries shop, has the top half of Charmander on the front of it, so that when you actually flick the lighter, it looks like it’s shooting flames from its mouth. On the back lies Charmander’s tail, which also appears to be on fire when the lighter is lit. It’s a simple design that simply works, and if you’re looking for some new Pokemon gifts to give (maybe even to yourself), we advise you to check it out. And, before you even ask, yes, there’s a Charizard version as well. Hopefully, the shop will create more fire-themed Pokemon lighters (we’d love to see an Infernape where it looks like the head is on fire).

Price: $12.50

Buy the Charmander Pokemon Lighter here.

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