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Alien Queen Wall Statue 1:1 Scale

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Price: $1599.99 (via Entertainment Earth)

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Get away from her!

Well, you get the point, especially when we’re referencing this incredibly detailed (and expensive!) Alien Queen Wall Statue, which puts the Alien Queen right in the center of the action. Your escape from the double jaws of the xenomorph Queen is impeded with every electronic door aboard LV-426. Just as you think you found safety on Level 5, those massive claws pry open the door effortlessly. In a flash, her head burst through from the shadows with an unstoppable ferocity.

Capture this epic fiend from James Cameron’s Aliens with this 37-inch tall, 32-inch wide, 20-inch long wall statue. The design is a 1:1 scale, so you can feel the immense fear that Ridley must have had while being chased by the relentless creature.

Adorn your favorite room with an icon of sci-fi film and shock your visitors with in-depth attention to detail. From the bullet holes and scorch marks on the door to the sheen of the Alien Queen’s teeth, this 1:1 scale wall statue is an intricate display piece. Making it even more impressive is that it was hand-painted down to the finest details.

The wall statue is made from fiberglass and other mixed media for a durable build. Complete your Alien collection with a piece that so many will want, but only a few will have. Limited to 500 pieces, this Alien Queen wall statue is going to go quick. Grab yours before she’s released from the airlock into the depths of space.

Cinephiles can add a unique piece to their theater room with a museum-quality piece that pays homage to one of the finest movies of the 1980s. Gather your old-school xenomorph figures around this statue for the ultimate Aliens display.

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