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Arcade1Up Street Fighter Cabinet

There is quite literally no such thing as owning too many copies of a Street Fighter game, especially if it is a version of Street Fighter II. Do you already own a copy of the game on the SNES? What about the Commodore 64? Have you ever considered purchasing it on the Game Boy, Sega Saturn, Playstation 2, or Nintendo Switch? Even if you can say “yes” to all of those, then you will still want to check out this Arcade1Up Street Fighter cabinet.

Containing three games in one (Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II The New Challengers, and Street Fighter II Turbo), this coinless operated arcade game is a must-have for any fan of the Street Fighter series or fighting games in general. Relive the joys of arcade gaming with a ¾ scale replica of a classic arcade cabinet that features all of the expertly tuned joysticks and buttons, but with a high-quality screen! The upgraded 17” Color LCD screen perfectly mirrors the exact look of the machines in the 90’s, it enhances the color while simultaneously ensuring that no child’s greasy and grubby fingerprints are hampering the view.

Whether you are fighting opponents on your own or you are inviting your former high school bully back to your place for a final chance to show him who is the real man here, this cabinet has options for either one or two players. Maybe you have made friends with your bully and you simply want to invite all the pals over for a fun and relaxed night of virtually beating the stuffing out of each other? This arcade machine is perfect for that too!

The Arcade1Up Street Fighter cabinet is currently listed at $249.00 and comes with FREE delivery if you have Amazon Prime. Its dimensions are 45.8” H x 22.75” H x 19” W, with a weight of 58.5lbs.

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