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Avengers Watch by Citizen


Price: $350

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Tony Stark is arguably the most fashionable person in the Marvel Universe, and with an Avengers watch like this, you could give him a run for his money.

This finely crafted watch by the geniuses over at Citizen will have everyone giving you second glances as they wonder whether or not you had this given to you by the Dwarves of Nidavellir themselves. The iconic Avengers logo is showcased in a gold-tone chroma finish against a hexagonal, black background. Further adding some extra class is the numberless, analog display with white and gold chroma coloring. The large hands of the watch are gold with a white middle filling, and the second hand is a striking red, standing out strongly against the rest of the centerpiece. Altogether, the watch bears a striking resemblance to Iron Man’s Model 42 Armor as seen in the Greg Land penciled Marvel NOW! relaunch in 2012.

Featuring Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, this watch never needs a battery. Similar to the ever-evolving nature of the Iron Man suit, so too has this watch evolved beyond the traditional power method. Instead of a battery, Eco-Drive enables the watch to run solely off of any source of light. Further Stark Industries approved enhancements are the silicone strapped and buckled band and the water-resistant qualities allowing it to sustain pressure up to 10Bar or 333ft! So whether you are swimming, showering, snorkeling, or taking a trip to tussle with Namor, this watch can handle all of your watery adventures.

The watch additionally comes inside of a professionally presented black box with the Marvel and Citizen logos proudly displayed around the exterior and the hinged top. Within the black box is a cylindrical container that houses the watch itself. Said container features black and white comic panels that span all of Avengers history and would look right at home on any shelf or display case.

This watch is currently on sale at Citizen’s website right now, and you can check out more awesome superhero watches here.

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Bobby Bernstein
Bobby Bernstein
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