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Back to the Future Hoverboard Doormat

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Take a trip back to the future with this World of Tomorrow Hoverboard doormat. Based on the hoverboard in Back to the Future II, this World of Tomorrow Hoverboard doormat has the same pink, green, red, yellow, and white color scheme. While the bright aesthetics will welcome visitors at your door, it’s the nostalgia of Back to the Future that will bring you together.

Everyone remembers that thrilling scene when Marty McFly borrowed a hoverboard from a youth of the future. Unlike his wheeled skateboard of the 80s, the hoverboard didn’t have the kick Marty was used to. Being intuitive, though, he made it work to his advantage and escaped the clutches of Griff Tannen and his band of oddly-dressed miscreants. 

Much like Marty did, you can make this hoverboard doormat work for you. Great for welcoming guests to your abode or for wiping down your feet after coming in from outside, the World of Tomorrow doormat is a practical novelty. It may not be the hoverboards we were promised to see in 2015, but we may be more disappointed that we’re still waiting on Max Spielberg’s Jaws 19

The World of Tomorrow Hoverboard doormat is the perfect nostalgia piece. You’ll step on it and remember the first time you saw Back to the Future II. Whether you were a child gazing excitedly at the potential technology of 2015 or an adult catching up on your 1980s movie viewing, Back to the Future II was a viewing experience you simply can’t forget. This hoverboard further ensures you will retain that memory forever. 

Each time you step on the neon doormat, you’ll be reminded of Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s journey to the future using one of the coolest-looking cars in movie history.

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