Cool StuffBatman Logo Mirror Does Reflections in Style

Batman Logo Mirror Does Reflections in Style

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**Update: This super dope Batman mirror is no longer available. You can always check out more cool Batman stuff here.

If you’re looking for something Dark Knight related to help spruce up your Batcave, look no further than Paladone’s Batman Logo Mirror that’s currently on sale at Amazon.

The Batman logo itself has been around since 1940 in various styles and forms. But the Batman Logo Mirror we have on display here is the modernized version of the design made famous by the Christopher Nolan films, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight rises.

The Batman Logo Mirror can be the focal point of any wall with its sizeable measurements. The fixture’s dimensions are listed at 29.8 x 1 x 16 inches. And it being acrylic, it comes in at a surprisingly light 2.55 pounds. So you won’t have to worry about this bad boy accidentally falling and causing any damage.

Amazon has the Batman Logo Mirror currently on sale at their site. Typically going for $49.99, the fixture is currently 20% off with a listed price of $39.99. There’s also an option to simply click and add a $5 coupon to the product too. Bringing your total down to $34.99 in total. And, of course, the item is eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime owners.

Batman Logo Mirror

You won’t be left hanging when you order this bad ass Batman Logo Mirror either. Amazon ships the package with instructions included, as well as wall mount fixtures to ensure you have what you need to get the mirror on display.

If the Batman Logo Mirror isn’t up your alley, we have tons of other Batman related things to checkout for the holiday season. This Batman RC Cooler brings your beverage to you. And this Batman: Power to the People Light is perfect to illuminate the shadows of your Batcave. There’s also an awesome Batman Yellow Lantern XXRay Figure and this ornament that features Adam West and Burt Ward’s iconic take on the dynamic duo.

Between the Batman Logo Mirror and all the rest above, it just proves that no matter what you need this holiday season, Batman is here to help.

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