Cool StuffBatman RC Cooler Brings the Beer to You

Batman RC Cooler Brings the Beer to You

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Ever found yourself at a backyard barbeque and thought “man, that cooler across the yard is just too damn far…” Well, C3 has the most badass solution for you. The retailer has created a Batman RC cooler (and Superman too) that brings the beer to you.

The Batman RC cooler and Superman RC cooler are the most heroically awesome coolers you’ll find. Both of them are essentially coolers on wheels. They come with a remote control that enables your superhero coolers to forward, backward and steer left or right. And the manufacturer states they both have a range of up to 100 feet away. They even sport two cup holders for added convenience too.

The capacity on these RC coolers is impressive too. C3 says they can hold a complete 30 pack of beverages with ease – ice included. And they bring the jams with them as these World’s Finest coolers feature built-in dual speakers that are accessible via Bluetooth or by the included auxiliary port.

If you’re partying into the night, the Batman RC cooler and Superman RC cooler come with working front-mounted LED headlights. C3 also says the “roto-molded construction provides impact resistance and long life.”

Storage for the two drivable RC coolers should be an issue either. They’re pretty boxy in shape and come in at under the size of a kid’s Powerwheel. Dimensions are 32 inches by 19 inches by 20 inches.

These coolers aren’t exactly cheap. Both the Batman RC cooler and the Superman RC cooler both retail on C3’s page for $429.99. But with what’s included in the package the sticker shock seems worth it. Free shipping is offered as well, with the coolers usually heading your way roughly 6 to 10 days after purchase.

If you’ve got a friend or significant other that loves to partake and appreciates the nerdier side of life, you’d likely blow their socks off by stashing one of these bad boys under their tree this Christmas.

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