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Beautiful Minecraft Book

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Minecraft is best known for its simplistic nature, allowing both young and old to play and create in a massive yet basic game world. But you’d be surprised at how intricate and impressive some of these Minecraft creations can be. Now, there’s a hardcover book that celebrates the art and impressive structures created in Minecraft, and it’s rightfully titled Beautiful Minecraft.

Beautiful Minecraft is created by James Delaney (author of The Hogarth Saga), and it’s a collection of incredible art built in Minecraft. The pages contain millions of blocks, with each creation on the page likely taking hundreds of hours to complete. Within the book, you’ll find fully realized alien worlds, fantasy-themed landscapes, impressive feats of architectural genius, and impressive sculptures on a massive scale.

beautiful minecraft

Each creation comes with a little tidbit of details below it, typically including how many million blocks and hours it took to build. The collection is available now in hardcover form, making it a great nerdy coffee table book for your living room.

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