Cool Stuff50 Best Cool Websites Nerds Will Love (2023)

50 Best Cool Websites Nerds Will Love (2023)

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While we believe we have a great site here at Nerd Much?, we realize we aren’t the end-all, be-all of websites; there are plenty of other great sites around the web.

Given the fact that we’re always connected to the web nowadays — thanks, internet-ready smartphones! — we frequently find ourselves looking to kill time. Whether we’re waiting in line at Starbucks for our coffee, following our significant others around while they aimlessly (and mercilessly) shop, or stuck in mass transit, there’s always a reason to pull out our phones and scour the web for great content to consume.

And, boy, do we consume a lot of content!

If you’re like us, you spend hours on the web every single day. But if you’re sick of browsing through the same old sites you’ve always frequented, and you’re looking for something new to devour, we’ve got you covered. The sites below are hand-picked by the Nerd Much staff. Here is the list of our favorite websites here at Nerd Much? that we think our readers should know about:



Holycool is right! This site is filled with awesome products that we probably wouldn’t otherwise know about, and the site posts where you can find the products as well. They post cool finds ranging from cameras, wearable air guitars, and a cookie-ready mug. There’s no telling what you’ll find on Holycool, and they post two or three products on their blog per week, so we make a point to check back every so often to see what’s new.

easy allies

The old Gametrailers crew has their own thing that they started shortly after GT was sold. Easy Allies remains my favorite podcast, as Kyle Bosman, Brandon Jones, Ben Moore, and the rest of the gang not only bring great laughs, but they also bring their seemingly neverending pool of video game knowledge every episode.

I should mention they also do other things aside from the main podcast, but honestly, they do so much of it that I simply don’t have time for it all. Except betting specials…I always make time for betting specials and results shows!

Dude I Want That


Dude I Want That is a site that features cool products ranging from handheld breathalyzers to a resin figure of Putin riding a bear to pizza frisbees. But what’s best about them is that they frequently hold giveaways for great products, so you have chances to win some of the cool things they actually feature.



We’ve always had a fascination with new inventions. After all, new inventions occasionally means new tech toys for us to play with. is a fantastic source for the newest inventions that will be hitting the market soon. They typically post two or three brand new products per day, with an explanation of what the product is.

Frostbeard Studio

cool websites

It’s hard to be a standout in the world of candles, but somehow, Frostbeard Studio has carved out their own niche in candleland by creating book-themed candle scents. They have numerous scents, including Bookstore, Gatsby’s Mansion, Hatter’s Tea Party, and the Headmaster’s Office. They’re awesome. We included them on our list of the best geek gifts, too – we absolutely love what they’re doing.


If you’re seeking fresh musical discoveries beyond what Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming apps offer, consider giving Gnoosic a try. This website hosts a powerful music search engine that learns and adapts from user preferences. By analyzing artists users already enjoy, Gnoosic intelligently suggests other artists that might pique their interest. It’s an excellent platform for discovering new music and has proven to be effective in matching users with their musical tastes. Expand your playlist and embark on a musical journey with Gnoosic!



Uncrate is another online lifestyle magazine that posts great finds from across the far reaches of the internet, ranging from men’s apparel to motorcycles to electric bikes to cool gadgets. It has a clean design, and its content is easy to consume.

DLC Podcast

dlc podcast

The DLC Podcast is an essential part of my week. It’s hosted by Christian Spicer and Jeff Cannata, as they team up to talk video games. They frequently have special guests on the show, the majority have been insightful and interesting.

They tend to have a unique take on the happenings in the video game world, and their Story of the Week segment is a highlight among a sea of video game podcasts.

Red Bubble


Oh Red Bubble, how you torture our wallets with your sweet, sweet T-shirt designs. Also, their t-shirts smell like grape soda when they first arrive. I don’t know why that is, or if it’s even intentional, but we’ve ordered many shirts from them, and every time they arrive, we smell grapes.

gamesindustry is another great video game site that focuses on the industry, its trends, and the companies behind those trends. Frequently, you’ll find interesting interviews, breaking news that will impact the games market, and more great content, making a daily visit to the site a necessity.



I’d be surprised if our readers haven’t heard of Lifehacker before. It’s a site that’s dedicated to making your life a little easier and a little better. Today’s hacks? Turn an everything bagel into an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, shopping at thrift stores near design schools, and more. They literally cover every aspect of your life, with tips and tricks — hacks — for making it better.



Have you ever been to a website only to find that it’s not loading? Downforeveryoneorjustme is great for finding out if a site is, well, down for you or if it’s down for everyone. It can save you lots of time trying to troubleshoot a problem you don’t have.

The Useless Web


Remember Stumbleupon? Well, think of The Useless Web like a Stumbleupon but for absolutely useless websites. It’s essentially a Russian roulette for dumb websites that’s quite addictive. Go to the site, press “Please”, and then it’ll drop you off at a random site.

Bored Panda


If you frequent social media sites at all, you’ve likely seen one of Bored Panda’s many listicle posts. The content is super shareworthy, typically lists like 30 Terrible Pictures Taken by Real Estate Agents or 30 of the Best Nurse Memes. Tons of variety and browsing potential.

Android Police

android police

Listen – we’ve always been team Android over here at Nerd Much?. So, sorry to whomever that might offend. And because we love the Android platform, our go-to site for Android-related news is Android Police. We frequent their Roundups section for the latest apps/games to add to our phones.



Coolors is for you aspiring web designers, digital artists, and painters out there. Check out – a fantastic color palette generator!

The Awesomer

the awesomer

What we like most about The Awesomer in comparison to similar sites is that it isn’t just about product discovery. Sure, we see a lot of cool finds over there, too, but they also post cool vids from around the web and other bits of potpourri aimed at a similar audience. We dig ’em.



*Disclaimer: Our EIC has previously written over at Slickdeals* Unrelated to why we think it’s cool and helpful, though.

However, before I wrote a couple of articles there, I still frequented the site daily. And, I still do, even now that I no longer write for them. If you’re looking for a great deal, especially on tech and games, you’ll find the best of the best over at Slickdeals.

Board Game Geek


A great source of board game news, reviews, and recommendations.

Fantasy Critic

fantasy critic

Fantasy football but for video games? God. Damn. Genius!

Instead of running your own team, you’re a fantasy publisher of video games and you pick and choose a “team” of games releasing this year. The goal? Is to have a team of the highest-reviewed games of the year in your league.



For the latest comic book news, editorial, and exclusive looks at upcoming comics, CBR is, hands-down, the best choice. You won’t find a better dive into comic books on the web, we guarantee it!

How Stuff Works

If you’re often interested by how things work, have random questions, or simply wanted to know more about the Honey Island Swamp Monster, How Stuff Works is a great destination for you to frequent. They pop out daily articles answering thought-provoking questions and other unique content.


 beerstreet journal

If you’re a beer nerd (like myself), BeerStreet Journal is the best site on the web to stay up to date with new beer announcements and beer-related news.

Mental Floss

mental floss

There really isn’t a definition of what exactly Mental Floss is, but we always find a lot of great content when we go there. It’s a site loaded with many, high-quality listicles and an Amazing Fact Generator that pops up a random factoid at your will.

Product Hunt

product hunt

Product Hunt is a cool website where you can find and explore new and exciting tech stuff. It’s like a place where people share and talk about the latest gadgets, apps, and other cool things. You can see what’s popular and give your opinion by voting and chatting with others. If you love tech and want to discover new things, Product Hunt is the place to be!



OpenCritic is just all-around a better video game review aggregator that simply gets video game reviews. The site has a clean presentation of video game reviews, and even provides some useful information (like embargo dates so that we know when to expect reviews for an upcoming game to drop).



I think the best reason to follow Kotaku is because of Jason Schreir’s news breaks and exposes, but Kotaku just has great content all-around. They have a lot of deeper dives into obscure, at-times forgotten-about topics. For example, this morning they released an article about The Rise and Fall of the Frag Dolls – an interesting read about a forgotten-about group from many years ago.



Fatherly is a great blog for dads, with a heaping helping of helpful articles about raising kids and how to dad better.


Looking to delve into the strange? Cool Interesting Stuff is a blog dedicated to presenting its readers with weird, unexplained mysteries. Some of the stuff you’ll find on here is truly bizarre, at times even unbelievable.

Watchers on the Wall

watchers on the wall

If you want to emerge yourself in all things Westeros-related, check out Watchers on the Wall. This blog is essential for Game of Thrones fans, as it’s loaded with Game of Thrones news. Seriously, they release every little tidbit that they can find regarding HBO, including every single cast addition, character poster that’s released, every time Emilia Clarke passes wind, and more.

Bloody Disgusting


Disclaimer: Our own Collin MacGregor has a byline over at Bloody-Disgusting. Nothing to do with why it’s on this list of the best cool websites.

If you want to be knee-deep in all things horror, go to Bloody Disgusting. Those guys (most notable: John Squires and Brad Miska) know their stuff, frequently presenting not only horror news but great editorial. Their movie reviews are also always on-point, and you won’t find them praising horror movies that don’t deserve it. Instead, you’ll find honest reviews that do a great job of informing the reader whether or not they’ll enjoy watching the same movie.

IFL Science


IFL Science (I F**king Love Science) is the best site to go to for your science news and viral video needs. You’ll find all sorts of cool science content over there, like an article about scientists giving mice night vision, scientific advancements in the Cannabis industry, and more.

There’s also an IFL store that’s loaded with cool science-themed gifts.


i need a prompt

Got writer’s block? Just need something to get your brain in motion? Check out It’ll pop up a randomized prompt at the top of the screen, and you can just keep clicking the prompt button for more prompts. Prompts on prompts on prompts on prompts. After a few clicks, you’re bound to stumble onto something that gets your creative juices flowing.

The Onion

the onion

The Onion’s brilliance is that their articles aren’t entirely ridiculous so that there are actually people out there who take their content seriously and will fight readers to the death in their Facebook comments section. That’s probably the best part of what The Onion does.

As far as the site’s content, itself, it frequently gets laughs from us here at Nerd Much?. Liz and I are constantly reading headlines randomly, challenging the other to determine whether or not it’s actually an Onion headline or a real headline from another site. Super amusing.

Way Back Machine


Wonder what your favorite websites used to look like back in the day? Check out the Way Back Machine. It uses cached versions of every website to build a visual historical timeline for that site. So, you can take a glimpse into the past.

Humble Bundle

humble bundle

If you are a PC gamer and you aren’t a customer of Humble Bumble, you simply aren’t PC gaming right. Humble Bundle has various themed PC video game sales that allow you to pick up games for hella cheap (like, at times, 90% off!)

Pleated Jeans

pleated jeans

Pleated Jeans is another one of those sites you can really dive into, and then all of a sudden it’s 4AM and you haven’t eaten dinner.

They do a lot of meme posts and funny pic posts – the type of stuff you’ll find your friends sharing if you scroll on their social media feeds.

Pleated Jeans is great for a late night laugh or when you’re stuck in a waiting room with nothing to read.



Got a bottle of ketchup, two avocados, flour, and a jar of pickles? Supercook will tell you what you can make with it all!

Supercook allows you to enter ingredients that you have in your fridge/pantry and will then take those ingredients and pop out actual recipes you can make using those ingredients. Super helpful come dinnertime.



Annoyed that your Aunt keeps sharing fake news? Give her a little taste of Snopes! Snopes is like Wesley Snipe’s Blade, but instead of slicing up vampires, Snopes slices up misinformation that plagues the web. You can ask Snopes a question, search by a specific keyword, or even input a news link to see if it checks out.

Super helpful for combating the spread of misinformation on Facebook.

The Toy Book


Staying up to date with toy news that’s actually worth caring about is tough ever since Gizmodo’s Toyland ceased to exist, but The Toy Book does a great job of presenting the new toy announcements for kids toys.


book bub

BookBub is a great go-to site for book discovery and deals on those books. You can add books to your wishlist and when those books are on sale, you’ll get an email notification so that you can score books for cheap.


video game journalism jobs

Looking to break into the video games industry with your writing? Check out Game Journalism Jobs. You can find volunteer writing positions if you’re just getting started, but you can also find paid writing gigs if you’ve got a few bylines already.



If you’re a frequent listmaker or excel user, Dedupelists is a great tool that allows you to remove any duplicate lines of text from a mega list. Despite its ugly design (sorry, guys), it’s super useful.

Book Riot

book riot

Book Riot is another cool website for book nerds. The site is filled with great listicles, book deals, and reading tips.


pcgamer is the leading PC games-centric blog on the web, and you’ll find everything you need regarding the wonderful (and often weird) world of PC gaming.

Reddit CordCutters Subreddit

reddit cordcutters

Looking to ditch cable and free yourself of that awful cable bill? /r/cordcutters is a super helpful subreddit, loaded with questions from other wannabe cordcutters and answers from the cordcutting community.

How-To Geek

how to geek

So many ‘how to’ guides for the tech world that we can hardly contain ourselves. I frequently go there just to see what cool stuff I can do with tech that I had no idea about.

This-is-cool Tumblr

this is cooltumblr

This is a Tumblr blog that focuses on super cool sci-fi, fantasy, horror art across all mediums. You’ll find yourself just endlessly scrolling if you’re a fan of cool-looking artwork.

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