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39 Best Nerdy Halloween Costumes (2023)

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Happy August! We’ve just seen our first pumpkin-flavored something in the supermarket this year (it was beer, FYI), which means Autumn is just around the corner. With the cooler weather and pumpkin lattes afoot, it’s time to start thinking about your nerdy Halloween costume for 2020.

If you’re looking for some Halloween costume ideas, there are a ton of great new nerdy costumes that make sense this year. Obviously, expect to see a ton of Fortnite costumes this year. Overwatch is also going to be big.

From superhero costumes to your favorite TV show protagonists, there are numerous possibilities to satisfy your nerdy life.

Here are is our list of the 39 best nerdy Halloween costumes 2022 edition (as well as some costumes from the past couple of years):

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Fortnite Costumes

fortnite halloween costumes

Obviously, Fortnite is at an all-time high in popularity in 2018, so expect to see tons of Fortnite costumes, especially since Spirit Halloween has added a metric butt-ton of them this year. Available in-store and online.

Overwatch Halloween Costumes

overwatch halloween costumes, Reaper, Mercy, or Soldier: 76 are all new from Spirit Halloween this year.

Jack Baker Costume (Resident Evil 7)

jack baker halloween costume

We’re surprised to not see any pre-made Resident Evil 7: biohazard Halloween costumes, given that the game was so well-received. Luckily, you can easily make a Jack Baker Costume yourself.

What You Need:

  • Paul Fredrick’s Cotton Twin Stripe Dress Shirt (Yellow): $39.98
  • Any denim khakis like Carhart or Alta Premium: $19.95
  • PenSee Oval Classic Eye Glasses (You can find a similar pair for cheap at Wal-mart, too): $11.49 (54 percent off MSRP)
  • Comb Over Bald Wig (thin it out a bit when you get it): $28.99
  • Fake Beard (If you don’t have an epic beard like I do): $10.27 (36 percent off MSRP)
  • Any Tan/Brown men’s boots (Like these GBX Men’s Tosh Boot): $17.99
  • Grab a shovel or this plastic axe: $4.68

Total: $133.35

Free the Nipple Mario

free the nipple mario costume

Shirtless Mario has sent the internet into a frenzy, bringing new memes aplenty. Make your own shirtless Mario (which we’re calling Free the Nipple Mario) to get some laughs.

What You Need:

  • Go Shirtless, of course.
  • Mario Adult Hat and Mustache: $13.03
  • Red Swim Suit: $14.99
  • 30 piece 3-inch felt stickers: $9.99

Total: $38.01

Handmaid’s Tale Costume

Handmaid's Tale Costume

The new Handmaid’s Tale Costume from is the only official one on the market. This is the ONLY official Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costume on the market. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

Inflatable TRex


RAWR! If you have been to any anime or comic conventions in the past year, you may have noticed some dress up in these inflatable T-Rex costumes. Not only are they hilarious to watch others run around in, they really are perfect for any situation, making for the best photo ops and interactions.  They are easy to put on and since they are inflatable, you won’t get too hot. Whether you are a Jurassic Park/World fan or just want to be a dinosaur for the day, this costume is perfect for your Halloween party!

Ghostbusters Costume


Who are you going to call this Halloween? Ghostbusters! To join the crew and extinguish ghosts, check out this uniform and inflatable backpack that stays true to the iconic Ghostbusters look. Although this costume isn’t as elaborate as some made by cosplayers, it’s perfect for a Halloween night as it is very lightweight and comfortable, especially if you do not want to lug around heavy equipment on your back. Ghostbusters also is very relevant due to the 32nd anniversary as well as the new movie that was released this summer.

Marshmallow Man


Instead of extinguishing the ghosts, why not become the iconic Marshmallow Man? This inflatable suit is perfect for those who want to dress up as the Ghostbuster’s enemy! Grab a friend who has the suit and engage in a night-long battle. It would be a perfect friend or group cosplay that fits in with the Halloween theme very well.

Fallout Sole Survivor


Grab your stimpacks and pipboys, because it’s time to head out into the Commonwealth in search of your son! This awesome jumpsuit comes in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s sizes, and is perfect for defeating any Halloween ghouls or vicious Deathclaws. Make sure to make a stop in Diamond City during Halloween! Vault-Tec approved.

Buy it here.

Pokemon/Pokemon Go


Finally, we have the costumes of the year! Whether you are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokémon or want to express your love for Pokémon Go, there is a Poke-Costume for everyone this Halloween. Want to be a Pikachu? Charizard? Ash Ketchum? A Trainer representing your team? A Team Leader? The possibilities are nearly endless and there are a lot of options out there. There are even Pokémon Go trainer costumes being made right now.  Collect your gym badges and challenge other trainers this Halloween.

Owen (Chris Pratt) from Jurassic World 2

nerdy halloween costumes

It should be easy enough to piece together a costume for Owen from Jurassic World, as he’s pretty much dressed like an every man. All you need really is a grayish-blue long sleeve shirt (with the sleeves rolled up), a brown vest (any leather vest would get the point across), a faded gray or black pair of chinos, and a pair of black work boots. If you’re like us, you likely have a few of these items in your closet already (except a vest — who wears vests anymore?).

Everything You Need

Grayish Blue Long sleeve shirt (this is nearly an exact match), Brown Vest (go with this replica, as the original is $700+), Charcoal or Faded Black Chinos, Brown Belt, Black Boots

Claire (Jurassic World)

claire jurassic world costume

Claire’s a pretty easy costume to pull-off, and she’s instantly recognizable. She’s the badass of Jurassic World, and somehow achieves it while wearing heels the entire time. Simply wear a white blouse, a high-waisted white skirt, heels, and a red wig.

Everything You Need

White Blouse, High-Waisted White Skirt, Red Wig, Heels

Anger (Inside Out)

nerdy halloween costumes

This is the easiest nerdy Halloween costume you’ll ever make. Simply paint your face and arms red, wear a white dress shirt, brown twill pants, black dress shoes and a business tie (preferably a red, silver and white zig-zaggy one). Or, you can buy any red tie and use duct tape for the zig-zags. We’d also recommend taking it a step further by coloring your hair orange and red in a fire-like fashion.

Everything You Need

White Short Sleeve Dress Shirt, Brown Twill Pants (if you can find red at your local Goodwill, even better), Black Dress Shoes, Tie, Hair color

James Bond (Spectre)

nerdy halloween costumes

The next James Bond comes out later this year in the form of Spectre,and the Spectre James Bond (the one on the poster) is a sleek, incognito-looking special agent. You’re likely going to want form-fitting clothes for this one. It’s possible that his top is actually a sweater, but we can’t tell from the picture, and you’d probably be more comfortable in a mock neck black long sleeve shirt, anyway. The holster is the most important part of the costume. Although we couldn’t find an exact match, the one we’ve found (below) is pretty close. It’ll also help if you can find a replica gun.

Everything You Need

Long Sleeve Mock Neck Mens Heathered Black ShirtBlack Tweed Pants, Shoulder Holster, Black Watch 

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat X)

video game halloween costumes

Although we might have seen enough of Scorpion in the online arenas of Mortal Kombat X, he’s a solid choice for video game cosplay on Halloween. Mortal Kombat X had a successful launch earlier in 2015, and we’ve been battling our way through the online rankings ever since.


avengers age of ultron costumes

Obviously, going as any of the Avengers is a solid choice this year, given the success of Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier in 2015. Plus, it makes a great group costume, since, you know, the Avengers are a group of superheroes. And of course, you could always go the comic book couples costume route.


Batgirl costumes

Barbara Gordon played a prominent role in Batman: Arkham Knight, and the prequel Batgirl DLC was well-loved, albeit short-lived. There are a ton of great Batgirl costumes that aren’t overly sexual in nature that make a respectable choice for someone wanting to show her fandom. Our personal choice is the classic 1966 Batgirl costume (if you’re okay with bright purple spandex, of course).


nerdy halloween costumes

With the Deadpool movie on the horizon, we’ve seen a lot of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the news, especially during Comic-Con. He’s a foul-mouthed mercenary that’s always a good choice for parties.


Nerdy Halloween Costumes

The Arrow TV series is a huge hit, and luckily for the CW, we’ll be seeing more of it soon. Arrow is an easy enough costume to piece together, or you can buy a pre-made one just about anywhere.

Dead Jon Snow

Jon Snow costume

Troll every Game of Thrones fan with a dead Jon Snow costume. Hell, you can even go the Jon Snow ice zombie route if you are creative enough. You can buy a cheap enough Longclaw replica sword from ThinkGeek, too.

Fred Flinstone


Yabba Dabba Do! The Flinstones, one of the most well known classic cartoons of its time, has several costumes available to “rock” your Halloween. Following the adventures of a Prehistoric working-class family, The Flintstones still is relevant and loved very much by long-time fans. If you are a classic cartoon nerd, choose to be Fred, Wilma, Pebbles. Bam Bam or Barney. Another plus? The costume is comfortable and allows for those who are out on the cold Halloween nights to add layers underneath.

Jessie (Toy Story)


Although Buzz and Woody are fan favorites of Toy Story, it would be wrong to forget about Jessie, a strong female cowgirl originally introduced in Toy Story 2. Complete with the cow print and iconic look, this costume is pretty accurate and absolutely adorable. If you want to make it a couple cosplay, check out the official Woody costume as well and turn heads as everyone’s favorite cowboy and cowgirl. To accessorize further, pick up a costume whip or a braided wig to complete the Jessie look.

Mikasa Attack on Titan


An officially licensed anime costume? It’s rare to see an official anime Halloween costume, and it’s exciting. With Attack on Titan’s new season coming up next year, this epic costume would be great for those who want a decent cosplay at a reasonable budget. Since there are so many characters in the show, you are not limited to Eren or Mikasa. Join the recon corps, practice your salute, and get ready to fend off titans! For an added accessory, get the official 3D maneuver gear!

Green Alien Morphsuit


Are you a sci-fi fan or just love a classic alien look? Check out this nerdy morphsuit and take over the human world this Halloween. Sure, this costume is a bit weird, but it’s the perfect time to wear it. One of the best things about it is that this costume allows for endless accessorizing if you want to take a step further, from funny outfits to UFO-like props. An alien costume would also work for a fun night at laser tag all year round.

Retro Robot Costume


Some of the best sci-fi films are the classic tales of doomsday and horror, with black and white scenes of exaggerated world devastation. Reenact your favorite classic horror scenes with this hilarious retro robot costume. Not only does it have a distinct look, it’s one of the only robot costumes that look comfortable to wear or dance around in. This costume comes with a detachable helmet, belt, and jumpsuit and can also be teamed up with the Green Alien morphsuit to take over humanity on Halloween eve. Cheesy intense music not included.

Inflatable Dino Rider


Previously, we listed an inflatable T-Rex costume to run around in. However, if you would rather be the one riding the T-Rex, this is the option for you. With both children and adult sizes, the entire family can be dinosaur tamers with this funny costume that will catch anyone’s attention. The safari hat is also a nice touch. However, this isn’t the costume for a very crowded party, as your inflatable dino friend will take up quite a bit of space.



Anyone whose childhood was spent with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will remember the epic female heroine She-Ra. Now, you can be her too. With nice quality and details, this costume looks really striking and as cool as She-Ra herself. Included with this costume are boot covers, a cape, headpiece, and dress. For additional accessorizing, pick up a blonde wig and a sword to wield. Want to make it a group effort? Grab a Skeletor and He-Man cosplayer to face off against evil.

Scooby Doo


Grab your crew and the Mystery Van, because it’s time to solve the mystery of Halloween night! Scooby Doo is a cartoon favorite and classic that fits in with the Halloween theme of scares, ghosts, and the paranormal.  Although many may want to dress up as Shaggy or Daphne, why not give everyone’s favorite dog a try? This costume looks really funny and comfortable for a night of spooky fun.



Wah ha ha –There’s always a healthy amount of Luigi, Mario, and even Peach cosplayers, but what about everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) antihero Wario? Complete with an inflatable belly, jumpsuit, gloves, hat, and mustache, this costume looks pretty accurate to the character. It would be really fun to act like Wario for a night, especially with his laughter, voice, and behavior. Also, you can make it a “Mario Party” with friends, dressing up in a group as the famous plumber bros, princesses, and game characters we have loved since it’s release on the NES.

Princess Leia


Although The Force Awakens has generated quite a bit of hype, this classic Leia look is great for any Halloween party and Star Wars fan. The white dress is really cute and flattering with a reasonable price tag. The best part is that the costume comes with a wig, belt, and dress. Grab a weapon and go-go boots to complete the Leia look.

The Force Awakens Rey Costume


Star Wars took the world by force last December with it’s latest entry in the extremely well-known sci-fi franchise, The Force Awakens. Many memorable characters, including the protagonist Rey, a strong female character who realizes her powers, were introduced.  This costume is great for those who want to dress up as their favorite heroine and is a popular choice among cosplayers. Fans can even add her officially licensed staff or lightsaber as a costume accessory to continue the battle.

Suicide Squad Harley


Suicide Squad may or may not be the movie you expected or hoped for, but that shouldn’t stop you from cosplaying Harley’s awesome new design. Of course, it’s going to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2016, despite the movie’s critical failure. This licensed costume comes with everything you need and is cheaper than buying the separate pieces, including the jacket/shirt, shorts, and more. To accessorize further, get a baseball bat to decorate and carry around while you rock this costume. Whether you choose to wear a wig, accessories, or be your own Harley, this costume is totally recognizable and is great for fans of Quinn, puddin’! There are also several other costumes with custom made sizes available.

Lisa Simpson


The Simpsons has been around forever and is one of the longest-running cartoons of all time. All of the characters in the show have simple, yet very noticeable costumes. To represent your love for the series, check out this new Lisa Simpson costume. Instead of wearing a hot mask, get the official spiked blonde wig to get that crazy Simpson hair. The dress is really accurate, down to the spikes. All you need is a tuba if you want to accessorize. If Lisa isn’t your favorite, there are also costumes available for Homer, Marge, Bart, and more!

Street Fighter Ryu


Knock out the costume contest and choose your fighter with this awesome Street Fighter costume. Whether you are a fan of the classics or the newer titles, Ryu is a classic character  (and favorite protagonist) to dress up as, especially for fans of fighting games. The costume is simple, yet comfortable to wear and run around in at a party or an epic night of trick or treating. According to Trendy Halloween, Ryu’s costume includes “a gi top, pants, belt, hand pads, and headband”. Memorize your best combos to reign victorious this Halloween.

Street Fighter Chun Li


If Ryu is not your fighter of choice, return to the character select screen and choose Chun-Li. One of the most beloved fighting game characters, Chun-Li has her own costume which includes the signature dress, bun covers, and bracelets. The quality of this costume is awesome and is perfect for Street Fighter fans. It’s great for a Street Fighter costume group or if you just want to compete solo.

Rick (Rick and Morty)

nerdy halloween costume

You can find this Rick from Rick and Morty costume at Spirit Halloween for $39.99.

Or Make it Yourself for a better look:

  • Short Blue Cosplay Wig: $17.99
  • Rick & Morty Laser Gun Replica: $22.95
  • Everyday Scrubs Unisex 40 Inch Lab Coat: $20.98
  • Carolina Blue Gildan Men’s Dryblend T-Shirt: $3.97
  • Any Flat Front Khaki Pants (Izod Men’s American Chino): $10.88

Total: $76.77

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume 2017

Of course, with the Wonder Woman movie finally releasing in 2017, it should be no surprise to see that Wonder Woman costumes are going to be the most popular for Halloween 2017.

Breath of the Wild Link

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was easily my favorite game of 2017, and although Link’s classic green outfit is iconic, I was also a fan of the updated design. This officially licensed adult costume includes the blue tunic top with attached pants, chest belt, belt with pouches, pointy ears, and boot covers. The toy weapons are not included but it’s easy enough to find inexpensive replicas if you’re interested. The best part of this costume, of course, is that you can avoid talking to anyone all night and just pretend you’re staying in character. ,

Breath of the Wild Zelda

Alternatively, you can go as the titular character, Princess Zelda herself. Both together would make for an awesome couple’s costume (I know, they are not technically a couple, but still – they are an iconic duo). The Zelda costume includes a pullover top with hook and loop fasteners in the back, separate pants with an elastic waistband, and a padded belt with hook and loop fasteners. For some reason, this one doesn’t come with ears – which seems patently unfair – but you can easily find those online or at a costume store.

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