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5 Best RC Trucks: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Remote control trucks are a great hobby that people of all ages can get involved in. There are so many different kinds of badass RC trucks on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you’re a beginner. However, don’t let the variety scare you away from trying out one of the best RC trucks you can buy right now.

There is definitely a great option available for you or your kids. They are great toys for getting up off the couch and getting outside to enjoy this hobby. These cool RC trucks allow you to connect with other hobbyists, too, and maybe make some new friends along the way. This review will show you the five best RC trucks to get you started in your search. Now keep reading and get to racing in no time!

Altair Power Pro 4×4 RC Truck: Best Overall

If you’re searching for a great all-around remote control truck, the Altair Power Pro 4×4 is a standout option. This is the best overall RC truck for sale because it comes packed full of amazing features for all skill levels, and it’s affordable too! You can find the best price for the Power Pro on Amazon. 

This RC truck comes with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel independent suspension. Each wheel can move on its own to help you effortlessly move through rocks and other difficult terrains. If you love exploring and being outside, the Power Pro 4×4 is a great toy to bring along with you. Also, if you have a need for speed, the Power Pro can fulfill your needs too. Race this amazing electric RC truck up to 30mph.

If you’re a beginner, there are two-speed modes available, so you won’t feel overwhelmed driving this truck at full speed right out of the box. You can put into the slower speed mode until you’re comfortable enough to go faster. Plus, the transmitter comes with 2.4GHz frequency so you won’t have to worry about any radio interference while you’re driving. One minor setback, however, is that the batteries for the transmitter are not included so be sure to pick up some AA batteries when you purchase this truck. 

Redcat Racing Blackout RC Truck

The Redcat Blackout RC truck is great for anyone who has a little more money to spend and is looking to be an all-out racer. This remote control truck come with brushless motors and four-wheel drive. You can reach speeds up to 40mph and comes with a 7.4 32000Ah LiPo battery that lasts for about 20 minutes. 

This RC truck is best for racing but be careful if you’re taking it out on difficult terrain. The wheels do not run as well through rocks as some other trucks, but it makes up for that in many other ways. For starters, it comes ready to run right of the box and the speed alone is extremely impressive for such an affordable RC truck. The 2.4Ghz radio transmitter helps avoid interference while you’re racing, too.

Be prepared to have 4-AA batteries on hand for the transmitter as they are not included. You can visit Amazon to read reviews for the Redcat Racing Blackout RC truck. This is a great affordable option for any hobbyist looking to do some serious racing. It runs amazingly right out of the box to get you on the pavement straight away.

NQD RC Monster Truck

Sometimes big RC trucks just aren’t what you’re looking for, and in these instances, the NQD RC Monster Truck could make a great pick for you. This 1:12 scale electric toy monster truck is perfect for riding through difficult terrain and it’s one of the most affordable RC monster trucks available, costing less than $100. Search for the best price for the NQD Monster Truck on Amazon

This rugged RC truck comes with two ready-to-run motors that can reach speeds of about 15 mph. While this truck does not travel nearly as fast as some other remote control trucks on this list, it’s rock-crawling skills make up for that. The four non-slip tires, shock absorbers, and motors all help this RC truck run smoothly across rocks, sand, stone, and gravel.

It also comes equipped with four-wheel drive and a rechargeable 6.0V 800mAH battery that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. You can even contact NQD customer service and they will send you extra batteries for free. Because of its size, this RC monster truck can be suitable for children who are interested in the RC hobby and adults can get involved, too. This super fun RC monster truck is a great budget option that comes packed full of great features.


If you’re looking for a small RC truck that’s ideal for racing, the SPESXFUN RC Truck might be for you. Plus, this truck costs less than $50 so you don’t have to completely empty your pockets to have a super fun RC truck. 

The SPESXFUN RC Truck can race at speeds up to 20 mph at a range of about 50 meters. Plus, one of the best things is that it comes with two rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that run for about 30 minutes. This means you can race down the pavement for nearly an hour before needing to recharge. Double the driving time is a great feature to have in such an affordable RC truck and you can read reviews on Amazon for the SPESXFUN RC truck to see if it’s the best choice for you.

Other features in this RC truck include anti-slip tires for effective and safe racing as well as shock absorbers for added stability while you’re using this truck. The controller is easy to use with simple controls and the truck can go forwards, backwards, left, and right. Just know that the battery for the controller is not included and you will need to purchase it separately. 

Top Race RC Dump Truck

An RC Dump Truck is a great alternative if you’re not looking to race or rock-crawl. The Top Race RC Dump Truck is not only affordable, but it’s a great RC toy for kids. You can see the best price for the Top Race RC Dump Truck on Amazon.

This RC dump drunk is completely functional and can go forward, backward, left, right, as well as move the dump bed up and down. The controller is equipped with 2.4GHz frequency and allows you to control the dump truck up to 100 feet. You can even drive this truck around other RC vehicles without running into any interference. It measures in at a 1:24 scale so it’s fairly small but it comes ready to run is incredibly easy to control which is why it makes a great toy for kids.

The Top Race RC dump truck comes with one 4.8v rechargeable battery that lasts for about 15 minutes. Many other RC trucks last for a lot longer, but since this is a small RC dump truck toy, 15 minutes is still a good amount of driving time. It gives you a fun and unique RC truck experience and you can buy other RC construction vehicles along with it for your kids to play with. 

Frequently Asked Questions – RC Trucks

What is RC truck scale?

A scale is a size reference for your RC truck. All RC vehicles are modeled after full-sized cars, trucks, etc. The scale refers to the size of the model as compared to its full-sized counterpart. 

How do remote control trucks work?

RC trucks work by transmitting radio signals from the transmitter to the vehicle which activate the motors and tells the truck where to move and how fast to go. 

Are there RC trucks for beginners?

Of course! There are many great RC trucks that are beginner-friendly. Redcat, Traxxas, and Altair Aerial are all well-known RC brands to get you started in your search. You can also find affordable RC trucks on Amazon that are great for beginners. 

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