Cool StuffBlast Off Salt and Pepper Mills - Spaceships For Your Table

Blast Off Salt and Pepper Mills – Spaceships For Your Table

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Price: $50 (via Uncommon Goods)

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The flavors of your home-cooked meals will be out of this world with this set of Blast Off Salt and Pepper Mills – spaceship salt and pepper shakers for your kitchen table!

Set a course for the planet “yum” with a pair of wooden rockets that double as salt and pepper mills. These aren’t your standard shakers that don’t offer anything aesthetically pleasing to your nerdy kitchen. Leave the ordinary behind and use a kitchen accessory that astronauts want on their next mission. Unfortunately, they’re not NASA approved yet. They are, however, approved for use in any Earth kitchen and restaurant.

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Both mills measure 14” tall and are carved out of beech wood. The design is reminiscent of old-school rocket designs and is unmistakable to children and adults alike. Playful and practical, no kitchen is complete with a set of these Blast Off Salt and Pepper Mills.

Fill with your favorite salt grains and whole pepper seeds. Ceramic grinding instruments break down everything from pink Himalayan salt to peppercorns that give every dish a hint of spice. Take your tastebuds on an intergalactic journey with just a twist of these salt and pepper mills. Each mill comes with the option to adjust the size of the grind with a simple twist.

There are a lot of salt and pepper mills out there, but few will take you to the greatest depths of space. Complete your space-themed kitchen or play to your interest in the solar system and NASA with a quirky pair of salt and pepper mills.

Are you stuck on what to get the foodie or chef in your life? Don’t get them some typical kitchen appliances that they likely have two of already. Send their tastebuds to infinity and beyond with a pair of blast off salt and pepper mills that are unlike anything they’ve ever had grace their cooking space.

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