Cool StuffBob's Burgers Looksee Box: Figures, Mugs, Magnets, & More!

Bob’s Burgers Looksee Box: Figures, Mugs, Magnets, & More!

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Every episode of Bob’s Burgers is a surprise. You never know what quirky delights will entertain you for the 20-ish minutes the Belchers take over your TV screen. It’s much like TOYNK”s Looksee Boxes. You don’t know what’s contained within, but you know you’re going to love it!

This Bob’s Burgers Looksee Box is filled with hilarious delights that you totally expect to come from the Belcher family antics. From the collectible burger box to the fun merchandise found inside, every fan of the beloved series will find something they love waiting for them.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or need to find a gift for that Bob’s Burgers fan in your life, this Looksee Box is your answer. Pop open the box to find a 4-piece collection, each one more ridiculous than the last.

The 5-piece figure collector set brings the Belcher family to life in colorful detail. Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise are all here to wreak havoc and bring their kooky antics into your life. Keep them contained within their display box or set them loose in your home for a fun Bob’s Burgers display.

Want to decorate your life with Bob’s Burgers merch? Then you’ll love the 6-piece magnet set, which features the Belcher family as Kuchi Kopis. Each of the adults and kids sports the unmistakable green body of a Kuchi Kopi, along with those big bug eyes. You can even match them up with the included 16 oz. Kuchi Kopi mug, which comes with a lid to keep your hot beverages contained.

Finally, you’ll find a surprise within the surprise. Two blind bag figures are packaged in this Bob’s Burgers Looksee Box. Who you’ll be bringing into your home, you never know! The 2” collector’s clips within each bag are a welcomed addition to every Bob’s Burgers collection.

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