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Breath of the Wild Bokoblin Plush

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From a company called Little Buddy comes a Bokoblin plush, based on the enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Though this Bokoblin is quite detailed, he sits only at 8 inches.Breath of the Wild Bokoblin Plush

Like the ones in the game, he is essentially a bright orange/red pig with very large ears. His eyes are blue and he’s even sticking out his tongue. He wears the cracked skull necklace and lion cloth as well. The club he is carrying isn’t quite as large proportionally as they are in the game, but this is just a plush.

Priced at $26.26 USD, this little Bokoblin is a great gift for any Zelda fan. Whether they’ve played Breath of the Wild yet or not, they are sure to love a plush as a future promise of love for the game too.

Little Buddy makes two other plush figures for Breath of the Wild, including a Link and Sheikah tablet. Link looks a little upset, but he is just as detailed as the Bokoblin.

However, I won’t claim that Link’s hair isn’t just cut and un-hemmed fabric because I can’t tell from the picture. It does look suspiciously like roughly cut fabric, however, so bear that in mind before you make the purchase. That said, Link also carries his very own mini Sheikah tablet.

Speaking of the latter, the Sheikh tablet plush is more like a small pillow. It measures a little bigger at 14 and half inches. It might work as an emergency pillow, but it might not be best for nightly use.

The handle isn’t actually functional either, making for a less awkward pillow but also means you can hang it up if you wanted to. The pillow also does not light up like the one in the game. The price reflects the larger size as well, running at $34.99 USD.

If you really like all three plushes, Amazon has helpfully priced out the total for you, adding up to $85.13. It’s a bit pricy when you look at that way, but definitely worth it for any fan of Zelda, young or old.

Price: $26.26 USD

Buy it here.

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