Color Your Own Deadpool Book

Color Your Own DeadpoolNot only is Deadpool one of the most colorful comic book characters to ever grace the pages of a Marvel comic, but his books have always been, well, colorful. Remember that time he electrocuted an elephant? Yes, you probably do, because it looked absolutely stunning. Now, you can grab your ultimate 152 pack of Crayola crayons and color your own Deadpool pages with the official Color Your Own Deadpool book.

Whether you’re into making Wade Wilson look more like the pink Power Ranger, or you want to relive his glorious X-Force days, this book will let you do it all. It comes with 60 pages of line art that has been drawn by some of the best illustrators in the industry. The images contained within are as graphic as the actual pages in the Marvel Comics, so you might want to pick up more than just one or two red crayons.

Price: $7.66

Buy the Deadpool coloring book here.

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