Cool StuffDarth Vader Humidifier Does the Opposite of Choking You to Death

Darth Vader Humidifier Does the Opposite of Choking You to Death

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Most people don’t equate the presence of Lord Vader to helping one get a good night’s sleep. But with the Darth Vader humidifier, that’s all about to change.

Houzz’s Darth Vader humidifier is the perfect combination of necessary and nerdy. Like all those basic humidifiers out there, this Darth Vader one is utilized to help add moisture to your room. Which in turn helps to soothe coughs and ease sinus congestion.

The Darth Vader humidifier consists of a 2-liter tank, so you’ll have no issues keeping the cool mist running through an entire night’s sleep. It also comes equipped with a 24-hour auto-off function so that you don’t accidentally run your humidifier on a dry tank. The Star Wars-themed humidifier also comes with adjustable mist output levels, as well as anti-microbial protection to ensure there won’t be any contamination hitting the air.

The Vader humidifier is easy to tote around at just 3 pounds, with compact dimensions of 11″ by 11″ by 11″. Manufactured by Emson, Inc., the humidifier requires zero setup once you pull it from the box outside of adding water and plugging it in.

As dive into winter and the air begins to drier and drier, this is the perfect season to justify a fun purchase in this Darth Vader humidifier – not to mention the inevitable flu or cold that hits you. But if you’d prefer to pick up something Star Wars related other than this, checkout Nerd Much?’s Ultimate Star Wars Holiday Guide.

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