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DC Super Hero Cookbook Deluxe Edition

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Having fun with food is what life is all about. We’ve seen plenty of geek-themed cookbooks before, such as the Cooking for Geeks Book we posted the other day, or the Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook, but now there’s a superhero-themed cookbook, properly titled The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook Deluxe Edition.

The book contains over sixty tasty recipes from super sandwiches to simple sides to complicated entrees. Inside, you’ll find fantastic recipes inspired by your favorite DC superheroes, including dishes like Dynamic Duo Tacos, a crazy cool Metropolis Layer Cake, and even a Golden Lasso Smoothie. The kit includes seven superhero symbol stencils, including Green Lantern’s symbol, Batman’s logo, and The Flash’s lightning bolt.superhero recipes

The deluxe edition also comes with 28 cardboard cutouts that will allow you to decorate your superhero meals with names, symbols, and characters. What’s more, it also includes three superhero cookie cutters, including a bat symbol, a lightning bolt, and the S-shield. So if you’re looking to learn how to make Kryptonite Krunch (superhero trail mix), X-Ray Vision Carrot Salad or The Atom’s Stuffed Potatoes, check out this DC super hero cookbook.

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