Cool StuffD&D Mounted Head Trophies by Wizkids

D&D Mounted Head Trophies by Wizkids

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Drop the mundane, and take up the sword! Gather your spell books and potions. Adventures from all across the land, it is time to gather around the table. Polish your D20s and draw forth your maps as the world of Dungeons & Dragons waits for no man. The forty-year-old board game has made its mark in history, revolutionizing of the fantasy genre. Many things nerdy that we love today might have never existed without it, like these incredible D&D Mounted Head Trophies.

Celebrate your glorious victories or just showcase your love for the game with one of two trophy plaques. The first, the Dungeons and Dragon Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque lets others know that you have contested with one of the deadliest creatures of the Underdark. Or for the more traditional, there is the Dungeons and Dragons Red Dragon Trophy. This beastly fire breather would look great sitting over any fireplace.

Both trophies are made out of a combination of rubber and latex, and they are each hand-painted with expert detail. They measure approximately 32-inches tall, 18-inches wide, and are 24-inches in depth — pretty sizeable and quite hard to miss when hung on your wall. The plaques come with everything needed to mount them on a wall. Prop them up and be the envy of every warrior and wizard across the lands. Prepare your wallets, though, as these D&D trophy plaques start at $389.99.

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