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Deadpool Chair Cape

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This new Deadpool chair cape is about to make your favorite chair that much cooler. It’s an easy way to let others know your interest in the “merc with a mouth.”

Bif Bang Pow! brings us a way to dress up even the most boring of chairs. Whether it’s for your office, your desk at home, a lawn chair, birthday, or convention, this new Deadpool chair cape will help your chair stand out that much more.

The cape measures 24 inches long and 30 inches wide. Marvel’s titular character has his emblem prominently placed on the red cape. The new Deadpool chair cape is attached to an adjustable strap with the same logo.

With high-quality materials, this cape is designed to fit most chairs thank to its belt design. The belt is meant to wrap tightly around the back of your chair.If you want to take it a step further, you could always become the fourth-wall-breaking merc yourself. Just put on the full attire and The cape will be that much more appealing! We can’t guarantee that a Deadpool costume would gel with your work’s dress code though.

If you are interested in this new Deadpool chair cape, we suggest you click the buy button above. At just $21, you almost can’t afford not to buy it.

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