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Deadpool Monopoly Collector’s Edition

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Price: $39.99

Everyone’s favorite mouthy mercenary is back this month with the release of Deadpool 2 in theaters (read our Deadpool 2 review here). What better way to celebrate your Deadpool fandom than with a brand spankin’ new Deadpool Monopoly Collector’s Edition by Hasbro?

Remember those epic Monopoly games with friends and family growing up? Gear up for a fun and snarky game night with your favorite X-Men trainee, because this Collector’s Edition is arriving soon at GameStop.

The premium foil packaging makes this collector’s edition a beauty, and it’s perfect for displaying on your game shelf (or with your Deadpool collection). The game board is complete with stylized art, featuring Deadpool prominently in the center of the board. Sure to be everyone’s favorite, the collector’s Edition even has a game piece styled after Deadpool’s fuzzy bunny slippers (which, by the way, you can actually buy).

deadpool monopoly collector's edition board

Work your way around the comic book styled board, hiring as many Mercenaries and buying as many Sweet Rides as you can. Show off your Monopoly skills by swapping, buying and selling Mercs and Sweet Rides as you navigate past cheap shot and low blow spaces without losing all your cash.

Increase your rent and income by building Headquarters and D-Mansions across the board. Game Pieces are stored in three boxes themed after the movie (chimichanga, bandages and unicorn, obviously), and a game guide is even included to settle those inevitable gameplay disputes.

The game also includes 26 contact cards, 16 dumbluck cards, and 16 pouches cards, just to keep the game interesting.

Still the same as the standard Monopoly game, you still collect $200 when you pass GO, and the winner is still the last person left holding cash when everyone else has gone bankrupt.

The Deadpool Monopoly Collector’s Edition has an expected release date of October 31, 2018. Get it first at GameStop for $39.99. For 2-6 players Age: Adult

Buy it at GameStop.

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