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Die Hard Christmas Gift Set

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Here to settle the age-old debate of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not is this Die Hard Christmas Gift Set. You’ve watched him as he battled through Hans Gruber’s henchmen, shoeless and without a chance of survival. Now see John McClane’s bloody adventure unravel in a fully illustrated storybook that puts a whimsical spin on Die Hard.

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Forget The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve and break out Die Hard as your go-to pre-Christmas read. McClane, Gruber, and Sergeant Al show you what the Christmas spirit is all about in an action-packed tale of high-stakes thievery and firefights. It’s a whole new Christmas story that you should maybe read after putting the kids to bed.

Written in rhyming verse, this is one Christmas story you won’t so forget. Pulling the best bits from the movie, from Now I have a machine gun to Sergeant Al’s pep talk to the showdown with Hans, the Die Hard Christmas storybook is the unique touch of Die Hard you never knew existed, but absolutely need in your life.

The Die Hard Christmas Gift Set also comes with a John McClane plush, exactly what you need to disrupt German terrorists on this holiest of days. The plush showcases McClane at the movie’s thrilling climax, battered, bloodied, and shirtless. Will he grab his gun before Hans shoots a round off? It all depends on your version of the exciting story of “Die Hard.” Keep him on display with the attached suction cup and showcase your love for all-things “Die Hard.”

The gift set is perfect for the action-movie fan in your life or to rekindle that love of the classic 80’s action-thriller. Revisit Bruce Willis’ most iconic role this holiday season with an unforgettable recreation in “Die Hard Christmas.”

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