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Dinosaur Coffee Mugs

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Look, you can listen to scientists all you want but we here at Nerd Much? know the truth behind why the dinosaurs went extinct. No, it is not because of an asteroid, and it is definitely not because of climate change. Do you want to know? Well, just a heads up, this will end up being a spoiler for Jurassic World 3 but if you insist…

The dinosaurs actually went extinct because of a lack of coffee.

Crazy right? Nowadays, Starbucks seem to be everywhere. But back during the Mesozoic Era, they were surprisingly hard to find. In a cruel yet artistic act of irony, craftsman Keith Hershberger commemorates our beloved reptilian legends through these microwavable and dishwasher safe Dinosaur Mugs. Handmade in the wonderful city of Pittsburg, these mugs feature hand-stamped contours on the exterior and a surprising silhouette at the very bottom. Choose from a Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, or a Velociraptor and take a trip to your very own Jurassic Park (minus a horrific death…hopefully).

Painted with earthen shades of brown, blue, and tan, these mugs would have a natural feel that would be right at home in any kitchen or workplace. And with a 16 fl. oz. capacity, you will be drinking coffee out of these until they unearth every fossil possible. While each mug is sold separately, we cannot help but recommend that you purchase at least two or three, and how could you resist? When you have one of these in your hands you will not be able to do anything but buy another, so might as well get ahead of the game.

These mugs are currently available here for $37.00 via Uncommon Goods. Due to the handmade nature of these items, each will be unique and vary in some way from how they are pictured.

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