Cool StuffDire Wolf Sword Ice Scraper (Limited Edition)

Dire Wolf Sword Ice Scraper (Limited Edition)

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Just in case you wanted to keep winter from coming and join the Night’s Watch, this Dire Wolf Sword Ice Scraper can help out.Dire Wolf Sword Ice Scraper (Limited Edition)

It has a soft plastic grip so there’s chance of losing your fingerprints to a metal handle in the cold. The pommel is a “detailed Dire Wolf” in an off white, the fur stylized in a dark brown, and bright red eyes. The design is made to look as if the handle were carved from bone.

The guard of this miniature sword is a hard black plastic with a simply swirl design. The actual scrapper part is a hard plastic, perfect for keeping your windshield undamaged. The only downside to this lovely Dire Wold Sword Ice Scraper is that the handle is very short. Reaching across your car is not always a favorable situation, especially when your car is already covered in snow.

That said, you’ll still have the best ice scraper in the neighbourhood. No one else will have the power of a Dire Wolf to scrap the frost and ice off your car. This sword was “forged long ago in House Beardo,” a long time house of the Game of Thrones series to be sure.

It is made not just of plastic, but “from only the finest materials of its time.” Owning the Dire Wolf Sword Ice Scraper will apparently bring on “an immediate sense of prestige.” How could it not? It is probably the best Game of Thrones ice scraper to be found on the internet.

It is currently on sale for $10.99 USD and there is a limited supply. Beardo does not mention exactly how many, but it is likely that this means it won’t be around for very long.

If you took a look at the featured photo here and wondering where you can get a costume like that, Beardo sells Viking Beard hats. They are, as you can see, knitted toques in the shape of Viking helmets and attached are lovely flowing Viking beards fit for a dwarf smith.

Price: $10.99 USD

Buy the Dire Wold Sword Ice Scraper here and the Viking beard hat here.

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