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Donkey Kong Barrel Cookie Jar

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Do you hear that? In the distance… drums? Maybe a bongo. And a voice as beautiful as an angel, singing words you can just barely make out: “He’s bigger, faster, and stronger too. He’s the first member of the DK Crew! Huh!”

Celebrate the real King of the Jungle with the Donkey Kong Barrel Cookie Jar from Gamestop and give yourself the fuel you need to stomp King K. Rool into the dirt. But hey, maybe you are not a cookie fan and are more of a banana maniac. Well, nothing is stopping you from cramming all the bananas you can into this expertly crafted and painted item.

Designed so that it resembles the barrels from Rare’s beloved Nintendo platformer Donkey Kong Country (also infamous for causing many unfortunate deaths on the Kongo Jungle map in Super Smash Bros.) this jar has seemingly jumped out of the screen and into your home! Although it is actually glazed ceramic, the jar features a paint job that could fool the leader of the bunch himself.

Boasting a soft brown for the woodwork, a strong black for the bands, and a bold red and yellow for the “D.K.” initials, this item would look perfect in your kitchen or next to your favorite pop culture memorabilia. Just be careful, while this item looks like it came straight from the game, jumping on it or punching it open will not result in a bunch of bananas pouring out. Instead, all you will end up with is a trip to the hospital, so use the lid like a civilized human being.

So what are you waiting for? King K. Rool and his Kremlings are not going to stop themselves, and you will need somewhere to store your Orange Grenades.

This item is currently available for pick it up at Gamestop for $34.99.

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