Dork Too Star Wars Watch by Nixon

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Price: $87.50

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we once had to look at our wrists to tell the time. These archaic devices, common wristwatches, would be replaced by a more convenient unit known as the Dork Too. One particular Dork Too, the Star Wars 34 MM Nixon, took things a step further by integrating one of the most notable cinematic franchises.

This delightful Star Wars watch features a genuine leather band, branded with an embossing of the Jedi and Imperial symbols. Not quite enough Star Wars for you? Then maybe you’ll love the 25 authentic phrases and sounds that emit from it with the push of a button. 

As with any Dork Too, the date and time will be read out loud for you when you need to know them. Forget having to twist your watch and strain your eyes to read the time. The Dork Too is among the most unique delivery systems for the date and time. Tack on Star Wars and you have an iconic watch sure to add that nerdy touch to your daily wardrobe.

The Dork Too Star Wars 3MM watch charges off of a USB cable, making it one of the most convenient timepieces on the market. On top of being convenient, this Star Wars watch is durable, encased in a stainless steel perforated cover. It’ll protect against minor splashes, but don’t expect it to deflect blaster fire. It’s definitely not rated to stop a lightsaber.

Whether you’re hunting Jedi for the Imperials or training under the greatest masters, you’ll want this rechargeable Dork Too Star Wars watch. Or, you know, if you’re looking to give that big sci-fi fan in need of a new watch a great Star Wars gift, it’s a great accessory to add to their collection.

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