Cool StuffOverwatch D.VA Suit Xbox One Wireless Controller

Overwatch D.VA Suit Xbox One Wireless Controller

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Usually, we don’t delve into talking about the world of custom video game controllers — it’s a rabbit hole of sorts. But occasionally, we’ll come across a custom creation that’s so incredible, it’s worthy of sharing with our readers.

With that in mind, check out this custom painted Overwatch D.VA Suit Xbox One Wireless Controller, a handmade upgrade that’s even more impressive than the new Xbox One controllers that debuted at E3 2016.

This custom D.VA Xbox One controller is created by AirEffex, a shop on Etsy that has some other Overwatch merchandise and other custom paint jobs as well. The D.Va controller is airbrushed entirely with paint, without any cheap stickers used. The controller has a blue base with pink and white accents, and it’s then finished with automotive grade clear coating, making them resistant to wear and fading.

It also has the bunny logo in white and pink right in the center. It’s a great Overwatch controller that’s perfect for any Xbox One (or PC) player. And, hopefully, AirEffex will create more great themed controllers that match the quality of this one. Sure, its price tag is a little steep, but for the most dedicated fan, it’s a worthy purchase.

Dva controller

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